March 27, 2023

Announced for several months now, Tim Burton’s first Netflix series, Wednesday , appears to be tailor-made for the director of Edward Scissorhands. Gothic and black, the Californian director had claimed to have worked on a series taken from The Addams Family but this time centered on the character of the daughter of the family: Wednesday (Wednesday in French).

In this first teaser, unveiled on social networks on Monday, June 06, we can see actress Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday, finish braiding her hair, then we see the thing, much more scarred than in the original series. 60s or in the film by Sonnenfeld released in 1991, land on his shoulder. The two characters of the series then take up the mythical snapping of the fingers taken from the credits of the series. Read down below and find out more about the cast of Wednesday.

Wednesday cast

November 23 arrives on Netflix Wednesday , the series inspired by the narrative universe of the Addams Family whose first 4 episodes were directed by Tim Burton. To interpret the character that gives its name to the series we find Jenna Ortega. The young actress born in 2002 here plays a cynical Wednesday, expressionless but also clearly misunderstood.

Jenna Ortega – Wednesday

Playing Wednesday Addams is 20-year-old Jenna Ortega. In her filmography there is a lot of horror ( Scream, A sexy horror story , The babysitter 2 ), the first auditions at ten years old, a leading role in the Disney Channel sitcom Harley in the middle , but she was also the daughter of Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez in the family comedy Yes day . Jenna doesn’t live only on horror. With this series she plays her big chance and for us she has already won it, her Wednesday Addams is both disturbing and fascinating and she deserves a second season.

Catherine Zeta Jones – Morticia

For Catherine Zeta Jones, one of the most famous cinematographic faces of the last thirty years, to play the dark Morticia – splendidly played in the past by Carolyn Jones (on TV, in the cult series aired from 1964 to 1966) and Anjelica Huston ( in the two films directed by Barry Sonnenfield) – was undoubtedly a great challenge.

Luis Guzman – Gomez

The Puerto Rican actor is one of Hollywood’s great character actors, capable of transitioning effortlessly from comedic to antagonistic roles. He has appeared in tons of movies and TV series, including Black Rain, Carlito’s Way, Out of Sight, Live Murder, The Bone Collector, Oz, Drunk on Love, Luis, The Dealership, Narcos and of course Community.

Isaac Order – Pugsley

Isaac Ordonez IS at his first important acting experience for the small screen. In the United States Isaac is already known for appearing in several commercials, and even in films such as 2018’s A Wrinkle in Time and 2019’s Dia De Las Carpas.

Christina Ricci – Marilyn Thornhill

Also joining the main cast of Wednesday is well-known US actress Christina Ricci, as well as the original Wednesday in the 1991 film The Addams Family. We also remember the actress for other iconic roles that have marked her career such as that of Kat in Casper or the part of Roberta Martin in Friends Forever, to name a few. In fact, starting her career as a child, Christina Ricci’s filmography includes numerous titles on the big and small screen. The most recent, for example, is the Yellowjackets TV series in production from 2021 to today.

Gwendoline Christie – Principal Larissa Weems

Also joining the main cast of Wednesday is British actress Gwendoline Christie, born in 1978, best known to the public for playing the role of Brienne of Tarht in the HBO series Game of Thrones . Let’s not forget her presence in other well-known series such as Wizards against aliens and the most recent Netflix production The Sandman. At the cinema we remember her instead for having starred in films such as Star Wars: The awakening of the Force, Welcome to Marwen and The best friend.

Jamie McShane – Sheriff Galpin

Where have we seen the American actor Jamie McShane before? We are talking about the interpreter best known for his roles in TV series such as Sons of Anarchy, Southland and Bloodline. At the cinema we remember him instead for his role as Agent Jackson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films such as Thor and Avengers.

Percy Hynes White – Xavier Thorpe

Young Canadian actor Percy Hynes , born in 2001, also joins Wednesday’s main cast as Xavier. We remember the interpreter for appearing in well-known TV series such as Murdoch mysteries, The Gifted, The Twilight Zone, Nurses and Pretty Hard Cases.

Hunter Doohan – Tyler Galpin

Where have we seen Hunter Doohan before? We remember the young American performer born in 1994 for starring in the miniseries Your Honor alongside Bryan Cranston, but also for appearing in well-known TV series such as Schooled, truth Be Told and What/If.

Emma Myers – Enid Sinclair

Emma Myers is an American actress cast in the lead role of Enid Sinclari in Wednesday after having already taken part in films such as Girls in The Basement and A Taste of Christmas. Emma Myers was born on April 2, 2002 in Los Angeles, California. In 2022 the young actress will therefore be 20 years old.

Joy Sunday – Bianca Barclay

Best remembered for appearing in such television series as The Glades and Dead of Night, Joy Sunday joins the main cast of Wednesday as Bianca Barclay. Joy Sunday was born in 1997 in Staten Island, New York. In 2022, therefore, the young American interpreter turns 25.

Moosa Mostafa – Eugene Ottinger

We meet the very young Moosa Mostafa, actor known for having played the role of Nas in the series the last bus in the world. Moosa Mostafa was born in London in 2009. In 2022 the young performer will therefore be 13 years old.

Riki Lindhome – Valerie Kinbott

Riki Lindhome is a well-known American actress remembered for appearing in TV series such as Duncaville, Roar, Law & Order: Special Unit and Another Period, to name a few. As Wednesday’s psychologist in Jericho, Dr. Kinbott is determined to push her to reveal her emotions – an incredibly futile undertaking.

Fred Armisen – Uncle Fester

Fred Armisen is an American award-winning comedian, actor, producer, and musician best known for his work on Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Easy A, and Portlandia. Additionally, he is best known for being a cast member of the American sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. Armisen was born December 4, 1966 in Hattiesburg, MS.

Victor Borobantu – Thing

We close Wednesday’s important cast by introducing Victor Borobantu, an actor born in 1997 originally from Romania, here in his first important experience on an international set. The inevitable presence of thing, a loved and trusted member of the Addams family sent by Gomez to spy on his daughter once she arrives at Nevermore. Once discovered, however, Thing becomes the girl’s number one confidant.

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