March 27, 2023

You know that feeling when you can’t stop watching a YouTuber? You are so engrossed in each upload that you feel like you are with them.

True crime has become a huge phenomenon, thanks to popular shows like Making A Murder, The Staircase, and more recently, the Ted Bundy docuseries on Netflix.

The thirst for blood-soaked, conspiracy-driven, real-life murder mystery is voracious and endless. There are countless true crime YouTubers online right now who have amassed millions of subscribers from their audience hooked on the grisly details of cold cases gone wrong.

But who are the real crime influencers in 2023? This article will show you top 10 true crime YouTubers who are great influencers.

How to Watch True Crime YouTubers

There are two ways to watch a real crime video : obsessively and sporadically. An obsessive viewer would watch the entire series in one sitting or at least within days of each other.

An infrequent watcher would watch an episode here and there, usually when they had nothing to do but watch true crime videos on YouTube.

There are pros and cons to each approach. The former is more fun because you don’t have to wait for new episodes (or know what happens next). But if your tastes lean towards serial killers, you may get bored of the same subject over and over again or, worse yet, feel like the scenes are repeating themselves! On the other hand, this can happen too!

Top 10 True Crime YouTubers

The real YouTuber community is vast and can be overwhelming. There are many real crime channels to choose from, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for when you search YouTube.

Crime Addicts

Crime Junkies is a true crime channel with over 1 million subscribers and has been active since 2017.
They have a top notch podcast called The Crime Junkies Podcast which features interviews with law enforcement officers and experts in various fields of a criminal investigation.

The hosts of the podcast include Ashley Flowers, the founder of Crime Junkies, and Brit Prawat, who is also one of the creators.

I’m one of the best true crime YouTubers. The channel’s videos feature crime stories from around the world, from homicides to missing persons cases to serial killers and more!

True crime

The channel has over 1 million subscribers and is one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

They produce content that is both educational and entertaining. They cover homicide, serial killers, and other crimes like arson. The creator of the channel, Ryan Murphy, is one of the best true crime YouTubers.

He has appeared in numerous books, including Dr. Gil Martinez’s “Serial Killers: The Life and Crimes of Monsters”; Robert Ressler’s “The Most Dangerous Animal in America,” and Ricky Gervais and David Slade’s “Evil Lives Here: True Life Tales from America’s Most Gruesome Jail Cells,” among others.

True Crime Garage

The True Crime Garage is a show on the Investigation Discovery channel hosted by former law enforcement officers and veteran journalists.

The best way to watch this series is via YouTube TV or Hulu with Live TV. Both services offered unlimited streaming of channels for $40 a month (although you can only watch one track at a time).

If you want more options for cable-free viewing beyond Hulu and YouTube TV, check out Sling TV – it’s ideal if you want access to many different channels, as well as features like parental controls and DVR capabilities (which both are available on neither platform).

If there’s one thing everyone should know about True Crime Garage, it’s been going big since its premiere in 2015!

More than 15 seasons have passed since then, with many exciting new episodes released every year. True Crime Garage has the best true crime YouTubers.

Stephanie Harlowe

It is one of the best true crime YouTubers. This true crime YouTuber not only has the catchiest theme song at the start of his videos but also covers a wide range of real crime content.

Stephanie is an excellent storyteller with meticulous attention to detail. She does deep dives that last five or six segments, as does Coffee and Crime Time, which is a simple watch.

She is comfortable in front of the camera and incorporates much of her personality into her videos. She is famous for telling her audience exactly what she thinks.

Many people love the way he depicts people in background and case histories. It also conducts thorough investigations into issues.

Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian is one of the best true crime YouTubers. Those who enjoy true crime shows will enjoy Bailey’s Murder, Mystery & Makeup series.

Your mood improves while watching this true crime YouTuber. It might sound crazy.

However, this is mostly because watching the videos makes you feel like you’re gearing up with a friend as they tell you all kinds of crazy stories.

Unsolved case file

Cold Case Files is a YouTube channel that has been around since 2010 and has hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

It’s the right place for true crime lovers who want to learn more about cases that have never been solved or have only been partially solved.

The host, Paul Ciolino, is one of the best true crime YouTubers. He sits down with experts in various fields (including forensic pathologists) to discuss mysteries from around the world, from serial killers and missing persons cases to mysterious disappearances and suspected suicides.

He also explores new developments in these cases through interviews with law enforcement officials and his research of old newspaper archives and libraries around the country.

Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale is one of the best true crime YouTubers. She is a young British woman who has gained a large following for her interest in analyzing criminal minds.

Eleanor delves into many intriguing cases to provide up to an hour of genuine detective entertainment in each episode.

Eleanor combines her passion for true crime with a random assortment of satisfying makeup tutorials.

His well-written and studied presentations of true crime stories therefore appeal to a younger generation of true crime fans.

Morbid true crime

Morbid True Crime is a YouTube channel that covers all things gruesome. The track features many true crime series, including ones about serial killers, ghost stories, and even the history of cremation.

The videos are well done and fun to watch — and they’re educational too! You can learn everything from how to make your own Halloween decorations to what happened after someone was executed in 1868 (spoiler: that wasn’t pretty).

Last podcast on the left

The Last Podcast on the Left is a comedy podcast covering conspiracy theories, horror movies, and other creepy topics.

Hosts Ben Kissel (who plays Lyle), Marcus Parks (who plays Kenny), and Henry Zebrowski (who plays Ward) are one of the best true crime YouTubers.

The show has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and is streamed every Monday at 8pm on Twitch, so if you’re looking for something to watch in your spare time or when you’re feeling down about things in general, then this could be it. you need !

Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae is one of the best true crime YouTubers. She rose to fame in 2021 after making her first documentary vlog about the death of Christian Andreacchio.

The man’s family suspected foul play, so Kendall conducted her own thorough investigation to raise awareness of the crime.

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