March 27, 2023

Slowly the time to travel has returned. It didn’t happen quickly, although the post-Covid euphoria made it seem otherwise. We left our homes quickly and happily, but taking small steps. First proximity tourism, which has never been so beautiful and luxuriant. Then the weekends in the capitals, geographically and psychologically in a comfort zone. But now it’s time to finally and really think about long-haul trips, maybe for Christmas, or for next summer.

Thirty often unusual tourist destinations, divided by for the first time in five different types: flavours, itineraries, relaxation, connections and discoveries. Read down below and see which are the best travel destinations for 2023.


First in the travel category dedicated to flavors Umbria «boasts art, treasures and culinary delights to no end and is also much less crowded than nearby Tuscany». The advice is to choose Perugia as the starting point for your culinary adventure and enjoy the ferment that will animate the region for the five hundredth anniversary of the death of Perugino, the world-famous Renaissance master.

Kuala Lumpur

If you’re looking for an Asian city with a variety of flavors, don’t forget the culinary scene of Kuala Lumpur. «This multicultural city offers a multisensory experience, and taste is no exception. With stalls lining the streets, markets offering delicious snacks and a vibrant nightlife, the Malaysian capital is one of our foodie destinations.”


Located on the northern coast of the island of Kyūshū, sunny and welcoming Fukuoka sits on a busy trade route that has historically made it a popular destination for visitors to Japan. «The reason why we recommend visiting Fukuoka in 2023», states Best in Travel, «is its delicious culinary offerings, ranging from the extraordinary panorama of street food vendors to, of course, the world-renowned Hakata ramen. the world. We believe Fukuoka will be an exciting destination for foodies to add to their must-travel bucket list.”


In the Flavors category of trips to do in 2023, Peru could not be missing, «a gastronomic paradise in the making for centuries and renowned in particular for its cevicherías and Pisco-based cocktails».

South Africa

All of South Africa is among the travel destinations recommended for food and wine enthusiasts, for its internationally renowned vineyards, but also for the lively new generation of chefs.


«With the planned expansion of air connections, in 2023 it should be much easier to reach this heterogeneous South American country». “With better access to all of Uruguay, we expect Montevideo’s quiet beaches and little-known food and wine scene to top visitors’ bucket lists.”

From Istanbul to Sofia (by train)

The recently restored night train between Istanbul and Sofia will make you two adventures in one: you will depart from the city where East and West meet, Istanbul, and after eleven hours you will find yourself in the quiet capital of Bulgaria. At number one of the itineraries to discover during 2023.

Nova Scotia, Canada

«A trip to this province cannot be limited to just one city», reads Best in Travel 2023. «The best way to experience the beauty of its coasts is a road trip among the villages overlooking the sea».


The Trans Bhutan Trail, an ancient pilgrimage trail, reopened to visitors in September 2022 after being fully restored. “At 403km in length, this scenic route will offer visitors a unique perspective of the Asian country and will likely become one of the most spectacular treks in the world.”


Among the itineraries not to be missed in 2023, Best in Travel also suggests a trip through Zambia, which “offers the opportunity to reconnect with nature”.

Western Australia

“Whether you have the time for a few days or a whole week, the vast Western Australia offers countless possibilities for making a legendary journey,” promises the Travellers’ Bible. “Fly from one city to another or spend days (or weeks) driving – there are so many places to see in western Australia”.

National Park, Colombia

“From the beautiful beaches of Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona to the peaks of Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados, Colombia’s 59 protected natural areas are a must-see destination for nature lovers. In addition to preserving some of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, 26 of these areas are inhabited by native and Afro-Colombian communities.


After celebrating the 60th anniversary of independence, Jamaica is projecting itself towards the future following new impulses of cultural, spiritual and political affirmation. Indeed, it has announced its intention to become a republic by 2025. With the creation of new hotels to accompany this sense of projection towards the future and its immutable green and wild soul, made up of rainforests, rivers and crystalline beaches, Jamaica it’s a perfect caribbean island for a relaxing trip”


Known as the island of nature, Dominica is often confused with the Dominican Republic. «We do not expect this to happen for much longer», reads Best in Travel 2023. «Despite being historically among the least visited destinations in the Caribbean, the island is served by new American Airlines flights from Miami, and in 2019 there was Kempinski luxury resort inaugurated».

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Renowned for its coral reefs, superb diving and magnificent beaches, Raja Ampat is an excellent alternative to the better known Indonesian islands. Best in Travel’s tip? «Visit these beautiful (and remote) lands by renting a dive boat equipped for an overnight stay on board and spend a few days at sea».


Cherished by European visitors for decades, laid-back Malta is attracting ever more travelers from around the world with its prehistoric temples, fantastic diving and bustling Valletta, its stunning capital.


The last of the relaxation destinations according to Best in Travel 2023 is Jordan, which “often appears in travel rankings for its adventurous itineraries in destinations such as Petra, but it is also a place where you can organize an itinerary that includes the atmosphere of Amman and moments of relaxation in areas such as Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea.


For a destination full of energy and connections, Alaska, «a great example of how natives can manage authentic tourist experiences that are also inspired by sustainability».


«It is one of those countries where you can start the day in the mountains and end it at the sea», explains Best in Travel, explaining the choice. “Albania’s natural beauty will take your breath away and you can have it all to yourself, unlike neighboring Greece.”

Accra, Ghana

Connections are also found in places where you would never have gone looking for them: such as in Accra, Ghana, «a city full of life that offers many opportunities to establish a connection with the place and its people. Bustling and frenetic markets, new community spaces such as skate parks and creative environments for artists, and a nightlife with a fantastic music scene: you cannot help but make a connection with the people and culture of Ghana».


“Foreign travelers have missed Australia during the pandemic. «The resumption of travel is also an opportunity to relate to the city in new ways. From one of the world’s largest Pride events to new bridge tours with Indigenous guides, return to Sydney and see it from a new perspective.”


“Culturally linked to the Caribbean, this little-known South American country is 90 percent rainforest and is a great destination for pristine nature and spectacular waterfalls.”

Boise, USA

“With rafting in the summer and skiing in the winter, Idaho is a great adventure destination for our Best in Travel list. And if it’s adventure that brings you to Boise, we certainly can’t blame you. But it’s its year-round natural beauty, coupled with terroir and culinary scene, that makes Boise make our list of top destinations to bond with in 2023.”


Among the destinations to be discovered in 2023 is Manchester which – «in addition to being an accessible destination that is making a lot of efforts towards sustainability, has some interesting new features planned for 2023. An ambitious project is underway at the Manchester Museum undergoing refurbishment, the Manchester Jewish Museum has recently been extended and the historic Castlefield Viaduct has just been converted into a green walkway.’

New Mexico, USA

New Mexico, known as the Land of Enchantment, also enters the discoveries in 2023. “Inhabited by 23 native tribes, it’s a great place to discover indigenous culture, art and music while enjoying the food and natural beauty of the American Southwest.”


Located on the banks of the Elbe in Saxony, Dresden looks back on a history of rebirth. In 1945 the Allied bombings razed it to the ground, but thanks to the reconstruction work carried out in the decades following the end of the war, the historic center has returned to being the lively city it was in the 18th century. The urban renewal of Dresden will continue in 2023 with the second phase of the renovation works of the Altmarkt (central square), which aim to make the square more accessible and carry out climate adaptation measures. The square is scheduled to reopen in order to allow the Striezelmarkt to take place in 2023, one of the largest and oldest Christmas markets in the world.

El Salvador

«Regenerated and projected towards the future, this splendid Central American country has conquered a place in our Discoveries category thanks to this momentum»: thus presents El Salvador Best in Travel 2023, also explaining that «El Salvador’s idyllic beaches are attracting the attention of professional surfers from all over the world at a time when the country is busy establishing itself as an international surfing destination. Discreetly, El Salvador is becoming the place where experts come to ride the waves and hone their surfing skills.


Marseille is both seaside and urban, French and Mediterranean, modern and historic. «Go to the beach, of course, but don’t forget that here you will have much more to discover: multicultural neighborhoods, street art, architecture and cave paintings from over 20,000 years ago reconstructed in a new museum».

Southern Scotland

Lumo, the new train running between London and Edinburgh, offers competitive fares making it easy and convenient to get to Scotland. ‘Instead of focusing on the Highlands, choose the Borders and other areas of southern Scotland to learn more about the history of the country and the famous people who lived there, such as the writer Robert Burns. While the debate over Scottish independence continues unabated, exploring the Borders is an excellent way to also reflect on the future of the whole of the UK.”

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