March 27, 2023

Whether for business or social occasions, some suits look much better with a tie Positioned under the collar of the shirt, it gives an excellent level of professionalism and elegance to a suit, jacket or shirt. While clip-on ties may seem like a simpler solution, hand-knotted straight ties are the most attractive option.

Still, tying your tie can be a little tricky at times, but with a little practice you will quickly become an expert. Therefore, since we want to give you a hand and guide you through the methods with which to tie your tie, we have created this guide in which we explain, step by step, how to easily tie the various knots. Read down below and find out how to tie a tie.

How to tie a tie: 5 types of knots and how to make them

Indispensable in the male wardrobe, the tie is your most faithful ally to be chic and elegant. Before starting, you need to know how you want to tie the tie as there are different knots that adapt to different occasions and different types of shirts. The ways to tie a tie are, in fact, many. Let’s see together the simplest and most popular ones.

Tie knot – Simple knot

A great classic of tie knots is the simple knot, or “four-handed” knot. It’s the easiest one to do and it’s the knot you need to know before everyone else. The simple knot is often laid and goes well with most shirt collars.

How to make a simple tie knot:

  • Place the tie right side up under the collar. The large end should be on the left and the small end on the right. Make sure you leave more length for your big end.
  • Cross the large side over the small side.
  • Slide the large end around the small end of the tie.
  • Bring the larger end of the tie over the smaller end.
  • Pass the larger side under the tie by placing your index finger in the knot that forms.
  • Remove your index finger and slide the large end through the loop.
  • Adjust the tie. It must stop before the trouser belt and the small side must not be visible.

Tie knot – Windsor knot

More complicated and imposing knot, the Windsor or Scappino knot, also called Full or Double Windsor (to distinguish it from the half Windsor), is the tie knot for big events. Due to its characteristics, this knot is more suitable for wide collars, such as the Italian collar or the Windsor collar or the half French type collar. In fact, it fits perfectly with Dèndi’s Artisan shirt.

This tie knot is ideal when made with fairly thin ties.

  • To tie this knot, first, make sure the big end is much longer than the small one. The smaller end of the tie should be level with the navel.
  • Pass the wide part of the tie over the narrow part.
  • Pull the wide end up through the opening on the neck, then down.
  • Pass the wide end down and to the right of the narrow part, with the side with the seams facing out.
  • Cross the wide part over and to the left of the narrow part, with the correct side facing out.
  • Pull the wide end up through the opening on the neck.
  • When you bring it down, pull it through the loop on the front.
  • Holding the dangling pieces with one hand, gently slide the knot towards the collar with the other hand until it is snug, then pull the collar down.

Tie knot – Half Windsor knot

The half Windsor knot offers a triangular and symmetrical shape, ideal for a classic presentation. Because it’s smaller than the Windsor, it works best with wider, mid-weight ties and looks great with any shirt.

  • Start by lifting the shirt collar. Wrap the tie around your neck so that the wide end is to the right and extends approximately 12 inches below the narrow end.
  • Pass the wide part over the narrow part.
  • Bring the wide part behind the narrow part so that the wrong side is facing out.
  • Bring the wide end up and to the left.
  • Pull it through the neck opening so that it extends from the side with the seams to the right.
  • Place the wide end on the narrow part from right to left with the correct side facing up.
  • Pull the wide end up through the neck loop.
  • When you remove it, insert it through the loop on the front of the collar.
  • Adjust the knot by sliding it up with one hand and holding the tails with the other.
  • Pull down the shirt collar to complete the look.

Tie knot – Pratt knot

Also known as Shelby, the Pratt offers an elegant look that fits any shirt. It is a versatile, chic and medium-sized knot. Since this knot is thinner than the Windsor knot, it works well when done with light to medium weight ties.

  • The Pratt knot requires only a few simple steps. First, remember to start with the tie inside out, i.e. with the seams facing forward. This is the secret to an elegant Pratt.
  • Cross the wide part of the tie under the narrow part.
  • Lift the wide end and pull it through the opening on the neck and squeeze everything.
  • Cross the wide end on the right with the correct side facing up.
  • Pull it up through the neck opening.
  • Pull it through the loop of the knot.
  • Slowly slide and adjust the knot and pull down the shirt collar.

Tie knot – Trinity knot

The Trinity knot offers a very elegant look. With a more intricate design than the Windsor and simple knot, the Trinity knot is a little more complicated to achieve, but is very trendy for formal events. The Trinity has a rounded, slightly asymmetrical shape, larger than the Windsor knot. This type of knot suits shirts with an open collar and goes well with inconspicuous and eccentric garments.

  • To tie the Trinity knot, lift the collar of your shirt and wrap the tie around your neck with the wide edge hanging down the right side, just above the navel.
  • Take the thin part and cross it over the thick part.
  • Bring the thin end through the neck opening.
  • Bring it back to the right.
  • Cross it under the thick part of the tie, passing the thin end of the tie under and then through the neck ring, in an upward motion.
  • Bring the thin part back around the wider end.
  • Finally, bring the thinnest part upwards and pass it through the small ring you have just formed.
  • Adjust the knot to make sure it is tight and symmetrical and tuck the end under the shirt collar.

How to wear a tie

Obviously, making just a nice knot is not enough for the final result to be satisfying in terms of elegance and style. The drape, the shape but also the length or the points of the collar are all points that need to be checked if we want the outfit to be successful.

A knot made correctly is noticed and, the latter, absolutely must hide the button of the collar, without strangling us; he should not cover the tips of the shirt collar; he must be well centered. Finally, the tie must in no case come out of the collar and must be hidden by the latter.

The tie must stop at the level of the belt, more precisely at the button of the trousers. In short, the tie should never go beyond the belt; on the contrary, if it reaches the level of our navel, it is because it is too short or badly tied!

Wearing a tie does not, therefore, just mean tying a knot. The type of collar, chosen on the basis of our morphology and the different occasions, will determine the knot we will make. Furthermore, we will make sure that the latter is not too imposing, in order to give an elegant and harmonious touch to the overall considered outfit.

In a nutshell, respecting all these stylistic codes is as important as choosing a tie and tying a good knot!

Also, if you want to create a perfect look, to look stylish and be chic, we invite you to read our guide on the different types of shoes. You will find the main models suitable for different occasions, with the right characteristics and combinations.

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