March 27, 2023

There are so many things to do in Los Angeles that it’s impossible to get bored. On the other hand, a mild climate throughout the year and the consequent relaxed atmosphere that concerns many Californians make LA the perfect place to have a fun and invigorating vacation at the same time.

Los Angeles is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city where thousands of people land every year, ready to pursue their dreams in the Mecca of cinema or with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexploring the most iconic corners that they have already seen on several occasions in their favorite films and which they dream of seeing one day on site.Below are the top 20 things to do in Los Angeles.

Fun things to do in Los Angeles

Take a surf lesson

Los Angeles is closely tied to its “sea”, the Pacific Ocean, which every day (even in winter) attracts hundreds of visitors to the huge beaches of Santa Monica and Venice Beach . This relationship can be deepened thanks to surfing, practiced in almost the entire coast. In Venice itself there are many shops that offer a lesson and the rental of a board at a low price to try to stand up in the waves.

Go horseback riding in Griffith Park

Griffith Park between Hollywood and Burbank is the most popular park for Los Angeles residents who love to take long walks under the famous sign dedicated to the capital of cinema. Another point of view can be obtained by riding around the park on horseback. In both Burbank and the Atwater Village area , you can rent a pony for an equestrian exploration of the area.

Use a slide in a skyscraper

In the US they know how to have fun and here you can find a slide that makes you go at full speed inside a skyscraper. This is the attraction known as OUE Skyspace LA which, in the Downtown building of the US Bank Tower, allows you to use a mat to go down a few floors. The view over the city center is fantastic, if you are brave enough to keep your eyes peeled.

Visit the Getty Center museum

There are two Getty museums in Los Angeles: the one called Getty Villa is located in Malibu and is dedicated to ancient art, while the Getty Center is in Brentwood . The latter offers many modern paintings and sculptures, an incomparable panorama and a special little train that takes visitors from one wing to another.

Have a beer in Downtown

Pubs, bars and clubs are certainly not lacking in Los Angeles, but those who want to try the best beers can go to the Angel City Brewery in Downtown. Here every evening there are different food trucks where you can refresh yourself between one sip and another, while inside the spacious restaurant it is possible to play board games and other pastimes which, almost certainly, will introduce you to some new American friends.

Taste Thai cuisine in Thai Town

Hollywood is not just the Walk of Fame : the cinema district is divided into many areas, each with its own history. Thai Town is brimming with Thai restaurants, so many that you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to trying this type of Asian cuisine so loved around here. The local Jitlada is rumored to be the favorite of Hollywood stars, who certainly do not disdain to taste a pad thai or a succulent dish of curry in this restaurant.

Watch a baseball game

The Dodgers, Los Angeles’ baseball team, are so beloved in the city that it’s impossible not to see at least one person wearing a blue cap in a day. The stadium, located in the historic and leafy Elysyan Park neighborhood , has a festive and pleasant atmosphere. Even if you don’t understand much about baseball, the experience is worth it just for the sake of biting into a hot dog while a player bats.

Cheer in the new football stadium

We have said about the Dodgers, the basketball Lakers are the other city team par excellence, but lately football is asserting itself in LA. Thanks also to the new LAFC team which in the renovated Banc of California stadium has doubled the local passion already ignited in past years by the Galaxy team. The stadium is modern and hospitable, the atmosphere is worthy of European fields thanks to the passion of the club’s supporters.

Discover the Italian history of the city

In New York, the contribution of Italian immigrants is better known, but Los Angeles also has its share of Italian-American history. Even in the El Pueblo area , right in the center and opposite the train station, there is the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles which houses photos, stories and objects of the first immigrants who arrived here from the Peninsula at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Grocery shopping at the Farmers Market

Local products (and often some animals on display), as well as boutiques and cinemas: this is the peculiarity of Farmers Market, the historic city market , which has The Grove open-air shopping center just a few steps away . To combine a shopping for vegetables and typical products with more fashion shopping .

Go to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl

There’s no shortage of concert venues in Los Angeles (rock lovers can’t avoid a trip to the Whiskey a Go-Go on Sunset Boulevard), but nothing beats the atmosphere of the Hollywood Bowl. With its open-air space, perfect acoustics and views of Griffith Park on all sides, this arena is perfect for a concert in any season. Performances of various kinds, from classical music to pop singers, alternate on stage during the artistic season.

Watch a movie near the Oscars theater

Each year the Academy of the Oscars awards the coveted statuettes that define the achievements of those who work in cinema. The theater used for the ceremony is the Dolby Theater located in Hollywood, at the beginning of the Walk of Fame. The legendary staircase is open to all, while a tour inside the theater is possible with a guide. Nearby, the Chinese Theater is equally characteristic and inside you can see one of the latest films.

See a musical at the Pantages Theater

Not only cinema: every type of exhibition attracts interest in LA and even a musical is one of the things to see in Los Angeles. The place to go is the Pantages Theater in Hollywood which hosts famous musicals straight from Broadway, New York throughout the year. A few steps away is the historic Frolic bar , which was also frequented by Charles Bukowsky, offering reasonably priced beers and cocktails.

Go to a stand-up show

In recent years, stand-up comedy , i.e. with few frills and without scenography often made up of personal monologues, has become very widespread and appreciated in the USA . Los Angeles launched comedians who later became famous throughout the nation: many of these laid the foundations of their success in the Laugh Factory and Comedy Store venues on Sunset Boulevard which still offer young comedians on the launch pad today. For a laugh together.

Visit Disneyland

Can you go to Los Angeles without visiting Disneyland? No, and then you don’t have to waste time buying a ticket for the huge Anaheim playground at the gates of the city which will keep you entertained for a whole day with its rides and roller coasters , but above all which will leave you with indelible memories even after the end of the journey.

Visit Bergamot Station

You can’t expect much ancient art in the United States, which is why many cities focus on modern and contemporary art . For lovers of the latter, the place to go is Bergamot Station in Santa Monica . Lofts, galleries and exhibitions characterize this area, not far from the local beach which is always worth a sunset.

Eat a taco

Spanish is spoken everywhere in Los Angeles and Latino citizens , led by the large Mexican community , have enriched Los Angeles culture over the centuries. In particular the culinary one since there is no neighborhood where after 7 in the evening a food truck or a cart selling tacos and burritos does not show up. Where are the best? In Hollywood of course.

Take a train to Napa Valley

The Union Station train station in Downtown is beautiful to look at and it is no coincidence that it has been used in numerous films (a detail that distinguishes many places in LA and the chances are high of seeing a set in the city); in addition to visiting it, from here you can take a train to Napa Valley. This is the northern region that has made Californian wine famous in recent years . Tasting tours and guides among the vineyards are available in many local companies.

Go Hiking

Walking in the hills between ups and downs translates into hiking in Los Angeles. The inevitable Griffith Park, as well as the parks of Runyon Canyon and Baldwn Hills, are the favorite places of Los Angeles for this activity that combines physical movement and fresh air, two opportunities not to be missed during a vacation.

Visit the studios

Did we mention that cinema is important in LA? So what could be better than entering Universal Studios to have fun among attractions dedicated to the greatest Hollywood blockbusters. The best way to complete the things to do in Los Angeles and come back from the trip with the pleasant thought of having felt like a star for a few days.

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