March 27, 2023

Big celebrities such as Rihanna, Kate Hudson, Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston show off mysterious tattoos on their feet, often enhanced by splendid feminine high heels. The foot and ankle are particularly painful areas to get tattooed, there’s no denying it.

The skin in this area is very thin (therefore sensitive). Find a good tattoo artist, with an expert and light hand; will be able to minimize the discomfort, making the experience less unbearable. Read down below and see top tattoos ideas for men and women and pick the one which you like the most.

Small tattoos

Small tattoos are the right compromise for those who want to get tattooed without giving in to the temptation to draw large parts of the body. For those approaching the world of tattoos they are the best way to start, for those who are veterans of this world they are simply yet another excuse to impress another memory on the skin. Elegant, refined, small tattoos rest on the skin with discretion and convey their meaning without being intrusive. But which ones are the best to take inspiration from? Read down below and find inspiration in these small tattoos ideas.

Forearm tattoos for men

Hand tattoos

Tribal or floral, Old School or Blackout, hand tattoos are among the most loved by men and women. Whether you dream of a small tattoo or you start from the arm to later extend your design to the shoulder and chest, there are so many ideas for a particular tattoo on the arm! Let’s discover together the images of the most characteristic tattoos on the hand, the meanings and the most original ideas for a special tattoo.

Tattoos that are meaningful

Finger tattoos

Not long ago, society frowned upon tattoos. Today we accept and welcome them as part of our culture. We use them to tell stories, commemorate events, and transform our bodies into living works of art. Over the years, the internet has unleashed a torrent of tattoo creativity and designs. Many are also available for free if you know where to look. If you searching for finger tattoos read down below and see the best ideas for finger tattoos.

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