March 27, 2023

Virgo is the only mutable earth sign, meaning it’s resourceful and flexible. But also logical, stubborn and concerned with what is tangible. So, on the one hand, the Virgo man is shy and sensitive, but as a sign ruled by Mercury, he is also quite intelligent and ambitious.

His sign is the one most associated with bondage: he wants to take care of his sweetheart above all else. Indeed, in love, the Virgo man is ready to do anything to make life easier for his other half. Besides, he shows his affection in a practical way. For example, he is doing your shopping because you are very busy or he is walking the dog because you have an outing planned that evening. Read down below and find out which are the signs that a virgo man likes you. If you want to know which are the signs that a leo man likes you read here.

Signs that a virgo man likes you

You meet often, by chance

Do you meet often? Do you meet him by chance? Oh, it’s no coincidence, I tell you. The Virgo man likes to spend as much time as possible with the woman he likes and wants to flirt with. He’s not the kind of man to harass a woman. It is much too subtle for that! But it will show up in places it knows you are. He will ask you questions about your outings for the week or the weekend and he may meet you. By chanceā€¦ Or he will pass right in front of your house, and possibly come by to say hello. Does he always seem to have an excuse to be near you? It can be a sign that the Virgo man is interested in you.

He notices lots of little things

Men born under the zodiac sign of Virgo are not ones to watch changes in people carefully. They can sometimes notice a detail. But they are not the type to immediately notice a new hairstyle on a woman or new glasses. However, when it comes to the woman he loves, all of these things come to mind for the Virgo man. He will remember your favorite song. From what you usually order at the restaurant. Something innocuous you told him. Of all those little details that are unique to you and shape your personality and your character. Does he always seem to know when to call you? He seems to know more about you than you think!

He shares things about himself

One of my closest friends is a Virgo man. And I can tell you that they are not the most talkative men. These men rarely open up to people. Unless it’s the woman he’s interested in. In this case, it is ready to open. He will tell you about his life before you meet. He will share his feelings with you. It will tell you if something is wrong. You will be aware of everything that happens in his life. At least what is important to him. If he trusts you and opens up to you, that’s one of the ways to know that a Virgo man might be in love with you.

You are the only perfect person in her eyes

If you’ve ever met a Virgo man, you know how much he enjoys pointing out other people’s flaws. My mother is a Virgo woman. So I know what it is! But when it comes to the woman the Virgo man is secretly in love with, things are different. He may not give you compliments. Although it’s unlikely if he has feelings for you. But in any case, he will never say a mean word against you or raise any criticism. He will tell you how perfect you are. It’s rare to have a Virgo in your life who is full of praise.

He will step out of his comfort zone for you

The Virgo zodiac sign is a creature of habit and routine. You can move heaven and earth, they won’t do what they’re not comfortable doing. Unless they have to do something for the woman they fall in love with. Does he do things he doesn’t necessarily like, just for you? Go to a party he doesn’t want, for example. Or go to a restaurant to treat yourself. Or even meet people because you asked him to accompany you. If he only does this for you, he considers you a special woman!

He calls and texts you

The Virgo man is not known for his ability to stay in touch with people. He rarely texts and calls even less often. Unless it’s really urgent. Or you shame them into staying in touch (I do, try it!). But a Virgo man in love behaves differently: he has no problem calling twice a day. Just to hear your voice. He answers all your texts. Without making you wait. A call from you is never missed. And he always has time to talk when you call him. It may not mean much to you, but you have no idea how important it is to him. But don’t be surprised if

He wants to know who you are

What does he talk about in his texts or when he calls you? Even people who have a lot in common run out of ideas after a while. But this is all an exploration exercise for the Virgo man. He wants to know who you are. Know all about your personality. It’s her way of making sure her attraction to you isn’t just a fantasy. It’s also how he finds out how far he can go with you. So try to be as genuine as possible because he’ll take anything you say at face value. You see, Virgo men, and men in general, don’t realize that women may not mean what they say. So, don’t play too much with him!

He’s the perfect gentleman

You might get the impression that he’s a serial flirt. Especially if you are a woman of a fire sign (Leo, Aries and Sagittarius). But notice how he becomes a gentleman in your company. You can see that he is sincere in his approach when talking to you. This is because as a general rule, Virgo men refuse to cheat on the people they are closest to. When he talks about his dreams or aspirations, you can see the passion in his voice. When he gives you a compliment, you can tell he really means it. His general behavior is very different with you than with others. And it’s not very difficult to say. I’m sure everyone around you knows he likes you and hits on you, right?

He will tell his friends about his romantic feelings

You will start to hear rumors that he has a thing for you. No, he will never tell you directly. No, unless he is forced to do so. He wants to make sure you feel the same about him. Thus, he will confess to those he trusts to approach you. Your friends will tell you how interested he seems to be in you. Or they’ll tell you more subtly that they think he’s a great guy. Some may even ask you if you’ve ever considered dating him. When those around you seem to trust his feelings for you, it’s a sign that the Virgo man is interested in you.

He might confess how he feels

I have a friend who never knows when a man likes her. So when a Virgo man tried to seduce her, she didn’t respond to his advances, believing he wasn’t interested. Finally, after months of trying, he openly told her that he had feelings for her. And they are still together. Luckily for her, he was patient. But not all Virgo men are so stubborn. If you don’t respond to his advances, he’ll move on. And once he does, only then will he tell you he had feelings for you. So at the risk of losing him, let him know how you feel before it’s too late. This will help her take the next step and ask you out.

He smiles

It is a physical sign to know if a Virgo man is in love with you. What does a Virgo man do when he cares about a woman? The answer is very simple, he makes gestures that can occur voluntarily or involuntarily. A smile is one of those gestures that show a man is attracted to you.

He looks at you discreetly

What does it mean when you look at me and look away quickly? If a Virgo man checks you all the time, that is definitely something very meaningful and of great interest. It is an unconscious gesture that a Virgo man is attracted to you.

He tries to make you happy

When a Virgo man falls in love, he often wants to make you happy. If he’s doing his best to make you happy, consider that a sign of love that he’s in love. Even though he just has a naturally giving personality, these actions show that he is attracted. These are psychological behaviors that show that he has romantic feelings for you.

He looks at you with attention

The last sign that a man is interested in you is that he is watching you carefully. When you’re talking, or even when you’re silent, he looks at you attentively and maybe even with a sweet smile that shows his love.

He remembers everything you say

When you’re in a conversation, does he even remember mundane things that you’ve randomly mentioned before? If so, take that as a sign that a Virgo man is secretly in love with you. It’s a good sign that he likes you and is thinking of you. He wants to stay connected and develop relationships. He may be hiding his feelings, but if he listens to what you’re actually saying and asks you sincere, thoughtful questions, it’s clear he has feelings for you.

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