March 27, 2023

The problem with the Gemini man is that he’s a flirt through and through, someone who can’t satiate his social appetite with just a few interactions. You’ll see him talking to pretty much everyone he meets and getting something out of each of them.

Luckily, not many women are up to satisfying this native’s intellectual cravings, and the more time he spends in your company, it’s actually the telltale sign that he likes you. Pay attention to this, because usually he doesn’t go back to someone if he finds them boring and boring.

Signs that a Gemini man likes you

A Gemini man in love will act like a teenager

Gemini men have childish behavior. They like to have fun and that’s one of the reasons why people love to have them around. So naturally, when they’re around a woman they’re attracted to or have feelings for, they become even more immature. He may blush when you talk to him or give him a compliment. He will make jokes to make you laugh, or at least smile. It will not be difficult to spot his awkwardness, which is characteristic of teenagers in love. It will be refreshing to get this kind of reaction from a man.

He will be open

Geminis don’t believe in talking too much about serious, demeaning, or boring things. Things like what goes on in their lives. But like all humans, they expect the people they love to understand this. If he has feelings for you, the Gemini man will open up. He will talk about his past, his family and how he feels. It won’t be easy or conventional. The only astrological signs even less conventional than Gemini are Aquarius and Sagittarius. But if you pay attention, you will notice the difference. The things that he will tell you, few people have heard. This is a sign that he trusts you and it means that you mean a lot to him.

He will want to see you often

Is he courting you, flirting with you, and trying to seduce you? Do you think you should expect an explicit gesture from her? Well that’s not the Gemini man’s style‚Ķhe’ll expect you to figure out on your own that he likes you and that he has certain hopes. You will notice his interest in him if he wants to talk to you all the time. If he wants to see you often. He wants to be your number one priority. He will organize outings with you. Find things to do together.

He will be considerate of you

No human being, no matter how kind, will have a hard time giving him what he wants. Because when the Gemini man is interested in you, he gives more than he gets. He will bring you flowers and chocolates. He will try to cheer you up if you’re upset. He’ll make jokes at his expense, just to make you smile. He will always be there for you. And he will make sure you know that all you have to do is call him to come to you. This availability and attention will be multiplied tenfold when he falls in love with a woman.

He will always be there for you

He can’t spend time without the woman he’s secretly in love with. Especially if he knows you need. If you’re sick, for example, he’ll be the first to come to you, perhaps with a small gift or something to cheer you up. He will text you to see how you are. And he will visit you as soon as possible. Even when you’re feeling better, he’ll text or call you to find out how you’re doing. Don’t be surprised if you get a text from him asking about your day. If he knows you’ve been to an important meeting, he’ll ask how it went. If you’ve been to a party, he’ll want to know all the details. His excessive need to always know what’s going on with you is one way to know that a Gemini loves you.

He will introduce you to his friends

There are levels where a Gemini man divides the people in his life. The two broad categories are friends and family. First family, then friends. So when he’s interested in a woman, he’ll introduce her to his friends. He will ask you out or to go to a party together. This is a sign that he cares about you. But if he introduces you to his family, that’s next level. He introduces a woman to her family only if he is truly in love with her. Are you ready for this kind of commitment?

He’s always fun to be around

He doesn’t always show that he’s in love. The Gemini man will never allow a single dull moment when you are with him. When he wants a woman, he knows she has to be happy with him. The Gemini man wants you to feel that being with him will bring you happiness. And if you look back now, you will realize that you had some of your best moments with him. Every time you spend time together, it’s memorable. That’s how he behaves in love, but don’t think that he is like that with everyone.

He’s always in a good mood around you

The man born under the astrological sign of Gemini is full of excitement and joy. But even he has his periods of calm and reserve. But not when you’re around. You stoke his fire and he suddenly jumps up and down. Suddenly, he becomes talkative. He talks to everyone around him and doesn’t care what they think of him. If he’s with you in a place where he doesn’t know anyone, he’ll be very charming. Even the most boring conversations can’t reach him when you’re there. And impressing you is at stake for him.

A truly interested Gemini man will admit his feelings for you

The Gemini man is not the most outspoken lover. But when he’s sure of what he’s feeling, the risk of revealing himself is worth it for him. So, he is likely to come to you to declare his feelings of love. He won’t say it outright, but he might make a subtle or unexpected confession in conversation.

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