March 27, 2023

This mysterious Sagittarius, whose spirit always seems to be in the clouds. This man who looks at a world very different from the one we live in, even if we breathe the same air? The one that no rule or person can hold back? Is it really this man you fell in love with? Surely you must love adventure, then. But how do you know if your Sagittarius man is in love with you? Isn’t he the kind of man to love only those who are able to go at the same speed as him? So do you need a head start?

Let me tell you some secrets about the personality and behavior of the Sagittarius man when in love. As well as the signs that will tell you for sure if the Sagittarius man you have in mind has feelings for you! Read down below and find out which are the signs that a sagittarius man likes you. If you want to know which are the signs a leo man likes you read here.

Signs a sagittarius man likes you

He’s himself when you’re one-on-one

Men born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius are not known for putting on an appearance in order to impress people. But they tend to withdraw when around people who don’t understand them. When they are one-on-one with the woman they like, they want to show themselves as they really are. That she can know their true personality. This way, he will always be open and honest about himself and his feelings. He will not seek excuses unnecessarily. He won’t lie to you. He will trust you. You will know he is in love because with you he behaves differently. Especially when you are together. In a group, he gets back on his guard.

He will be frank and honest with you if he is in love

The Sagittarius man does not like to open up too much or share the secrets of his deep past. But he believes honesty is the foundation of a strong relationship. He also understands that few people appreciate this honesty. If he’s trying to build a romantic relationship with you, he’ll be very upfront and honest about everything. He will tell you frankly what he thinks about people and situations. He will even tell you his criticisms of you. He will even be honest about his own flaws as well as his darkest secrets.

He observes you to find out more about you

When a Sagittarius man wants to get to know you, he doesn’t do it by asking questions. Of course, there will be questions here and there. But still laid back in nature. Everything else will be done by observation. He will often watch you. Sometimes you will feel his piercing gaze shooting through you like rays. He doesn’t do this often, so if he does, he’s interested in you. But do not worry. Stay yourself because he is a man who smells of dissimulation.

He is willing to compromise his freedom for you

If there’s one thing astrology tells us about men of this zodiac sign, it’s that they have a free spirit. No one can cage Sagittarius. Those who try experience the sad experience of backlash. For example, has he offered to pick you up at the airport when you return from vacation? Or spending his day off at home with you? You have to be a special woman for him to give up his freedom for you. Make sure it’s all voluntary. If you demand that he do these things for you or if you urge him to do them, it may work against you. It’s only good when he himself chooses to compromise his freedom. Not when you force it or when you expect it to.

He shares his life and adventures with you

Sagittarius men are very private about what they do with their lives. You will rarely see him doing projects that depend on the participation of others. Most of the time, he chooses to go on his next big adventure alone. But not when he falls in loveā€¦ That’s when he wants to be accompanied by the woman he loves. He will always tell you about his plans and ask you if you would like to come with him. You will get an exclusive view of life from the perspective of the heart and mind of a Sagittarius man. Just make sure you can follow it. Or he might leave you behind.

He engages in deep conversations with you

A Sagittarius man can never fall in love with a woman he doesn’t consider his intellectual equal. And he knows that not everyone around him is worthy of having an intelligent conversation with him. Does it engage you in philosophical conversations about life? Does he ask your opinion on an important subject? Or about the future? Or anything that stimulates his mind and yours. This is one of the ways to know that a Sagittarius man likes you. He will always appreciate your wit and make you proud of your intelligence.

He asks you for advice

If he trusts your intelligence, he will trust your advice. Now, Fire signs rarely ask anyone’s advice. They trust their instincts and are sure that no one can make a better decision than them. So when he asks you for advice, it’s an honor. It may not be in the big decisions of his life. But it will ask your opinion on what to do next. Where you two should go. Whether he should change jobs or not. Give him your real advice because that too will tell him a lot about who you are.

He always stays in touch with you

If you share the same group of friends, you know they’re not very good at texting or calling. But with you it’s different. When it comes to the woman he’s interested in, he can talk all day. He will respond to all your messages. And if he really falls in love, he might even call you from time to time. He will start conversations with you. Imagine a man who doesn’t care to talk to anyone, using his free time to talk to you. And not just once every full moon. But regularly. So don’t ignore him if you are interested in him too. Otherwise, he’ll feel like it’s one-way and he might wander off.

He often flirts with you and tries to seduce you

What fire sign man wouldn’t try to pick up or seduce the woman he’s in love with? None ! But while the Aries and Leo men are serial flirts, the Sagittarius man seems more reserved in comparison. “In comparison” is the key phrase here. Not all of your conversations with the Sagittarius man are about serious issues. He likes to flirt, please and seduce. He hints at his attraction to you. He compliments you. Even the confession of what he feels for you. Either way, he knows how to make a woman feel special and you will have fun flirting with this man.

He wants to know everything about you

If a Sagittarius man seems genuinely curious about every little detail in your life, it shows he’s interested in you. He’ll ask you about your childhood memories, phobias, favorite bands, and likes and dislikes, giving you a clue that he’s in love with you.

He is optimistic

Most people can feel anxious and afraid of being rejected before confessing their romantic feelings. But that doesn’t apply to most Sagittarius men. Their contagious optimism drives them to expect good results from whatever they are passionate about.

He opens up to you emotionally

Sagittarius men are incredibly cautious and reserved with their emotions. He’s not the sappy or emotional type, and won’t let anyone into his world. He erects strong barriers that protect his emotional core. If a Sagittarius man begins to open up to you emotionally, take that as a sign that he’s in love with you.

He seems impatient for you

The Sagittarius man can get impatient when it comes to heart matters. If he is in love, you can see a change in his behavior and attitudes. Specifically, he will show signs of restlessness. This indicates that he has feelings for you but cannot share them with you yet.

He often compliments you

A Sagittarius’ optimism and confidence are contagious. He will be honest and shower you with sincere compliments. If you find him complimenting you repeatedly, know that he really is in love with you.

He wants to have new experiences with you

A Sagittarius man will make plans with you if he is interested in you. If he spends a lot of time with you, that’s a good sign. Sagittarius men are adventurous, creative and love outdoor activities like hiking, trekking etc. If he wants to take you on these adventures, he’s in love with you.

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