March 27, 2023

Leo is a complex and flirtatious fire sign. These men tend to play the field and can be a little hot and cold when attracted to a woman. Ideally, your Leo interest would confidently and directly declare their attraction to you if you have curried their favor. Some Leos do, but most will take their time. The Leo is courageous but also sensitive to rejection. He’ll probably want to test the waters first to see how warm you are to him.

Leo is the most sensational and expressive sign of the zodiac. Not surprisingly, it is ruled by the Sun, the largest and brightest object in the sky and the center of the solar system. This fixed fire sign is a constant source of warmth and affection for you, as a benevolent king is loyal to his subjects. Continue to read and find out which are the signs that a leo man likes you.

Signs that a leo man likes you

His eyes are fixed on you

Leo men have intense and fiery eyes. You can see his soul in his eyes, as well as his desire for you.

Eye contact is a constant sign of attraction, and Leo men know it. When they like you, they will have a hard time taking their eyes off you. They will linger on you, waiting for you to glance in their direction. If you look in his direction and he makes direct eye contact with you, holding it until you look away, that means you’ve captured his interest and he’s trying to get your attention with a dominant image.

So check what his eyes are doing when he’s around you. Can you spot him watching you? Does he look your way to see if you’re having fun? If you’re in a group, do they come to meet you when something fun or entertaining happens? All the signs that he’s into you.

He pays you a lot of attention and compliments you freely

Leo men understand that attention is a powerful currency. They know how to draw attention to themselves and know the power of giving it to another.

When a Leo man loves you, he will go out of his way to make sure you feel warm and desirable. He will praise you and shower you with his admiration. He’ll also be sure you know how impressed he is with the things you say and do. You’ll probably notice all the extra attention if you’re on the lookout.

Here are some other ways your Leo man can give you attention:

  • He compliments your look. It could be your makeup, your hair, your clothes, etc. He makes sure to report any changes you make to your appearance.
  • It encourages your personal efforts and ensures that you feel supported. He makes sure to highlight all your talents, skills and potential.
  • He constantly finds reasons to talk to you and always comes up with new topics to talk about to get things going, asking for your input along the way.
  • He shows enthusiasm for a wide variety of your interests, to the point of trying out a few himself.
  • He pushes you to try new things and step out of your comfort zone, helping you along the way.
  • If he gives you regular attention and affirmation, check the depth of his glowing comments. Is he obsessed only with your appearance? Or does he go further and praise your character traits and qualities. The deeper he dives into your personality traits, the more likely he is interested in you.

He shows and dramatizes his actions around you

Leo men are proud and have an incredible talent for drama. They are showmen at heart and love when the attention is on them.

He values ​​the spotlight in all aspects of life. And this is certainly true when he loves a woman and wants to get her attention.

If he likes you, he’ll talk louder in your presence, tell his best jokes, show off his talents in all areas, and overall make sure you’re witnessing the most dramatic and classy side of his personality.

His body language and facial expressions signal heightened interest

A Leo man who is attracted to you will be sure that his body language and expressions are open and inviting to you.

How do you know when a Leo man’s body language is sending signs of attraction? Here’s what to look for:

  • He constantly smiles at you when he sees you. No forced smiles either. He makes sure to show you a wide, genuine and toothy smile. If he looks at you and smiles for no apparent reason, that means you’ve hooked him.
  • He makes sure his body is pointing towards you and opening up energetically . We naturally turn our bodies towards what interests us. When a Leo man loves you, he will direct his body towards you. He will face you with his torso, arms, legs, feet, etc.
  • It mirrors and mimics your movements. When a Leo man likes you, he will be very receptive to your body language and will mask the movements you make. If you move your arm, he will move his. If you touch your face, it will do the same. Etc., etc. It’s also likely to keep up with you when you walk together.
  • Self-care gestures. Leo men are all about their looks. He likes to take care of his appearance and will be sure that he looks great for a woman he has his eyes set on. If he likes you, he’ll adjust his appearance when he’s with you, mostly subconsciously, to make sure he looks his best.
  • He gets physically closer to you. He might sit or stand right next to you when space allows him to be further away.

Tip: If you’re pretty sure he likes you, test his response when you mention you’re interested or going on a date with another guy. If he likes you, his body language and expression will react. He will probably look upset, even if only for a second, before recovering.

He is respectful and shows genuine interest in you as a person

These men are sometimes known to be self-centered and mostly focused on their own lives, but a Leo man who truly loves you will want to understand you deeply.

He’ll use your name a lot, ask lots of questions about you, remember details of what you share, stay off his phone when talking to you, and overall give you his full attention. He will also likely confide in you emotionally.

This separates him from men who are only interested in you for sex. These guys won’t bother to take the time to get to know you.

He goes out of his way to touch you

Leo men are big on physical affection. A light touch on your hand or shoulder can make the difference between friendly and flirty, so be careful.

If he’s making an effort to touch you, it’s probably a sign that he’s into you. Here are some ways it could affect you:

  • He touches you in conversation during funny or impactful moments.
  • He stands close enough to brush against you or lean on you.
  • He places his hands somewhere on your body. Maybe your legs, your shoulders, your lower back or your own hands. He could do that just for a moment or let his hand linger.
  • He offers to give you a massage.
  • He initiates wrestling or some kind of physical fight with you
  • He starts giving you a lot of hugs or rocking your body in some way.
  • Any physical contact like the one shown above is a strong sign that your Leo man is into you. These guys won’t touch a woman they don’t like and tend to avoid physically aggravating a friendship for fear of making a bad impression.

If you’re curious, tap it and see its response. If he reciprocates or flinches, that’s a sign you’re having an effect on him.

He creates opportunities to spend time with you

Leo men are very expressive and love to surround themselves with large and eclectic groups of friends. If he likes you, he will quickly bring you into his social sphere and even go out of his way to get you alone with him.

He also wants to show his worth, so he’ll probably offer to help you with any chores or projects you have going on. He will want to get involved and show how much he can support you.

He becomes possessive or jealous

Leo men are fiery and prone to jealousy. They are often possessive of their partners and want to receive most of their loving energy.

So watch to see if your Leo man pays close attention when talking to other men. Does he react by drawing closer to you or by subtly discouraging the other from connecting with you?

It might play with fire, but you can definitely test if he has a jealous response towards you. Try flirting with another guy when he’s around. Or mention that you might be going on a date with a guy soon. Pay close attention to their reaction, especially in the first few moments of their response.

He treats you differently from other women

This is the most important thing to pay attention to in determining whether a Leo man likes you or not.

He might display some of the signs of attraction that I mentioned in this post. But does he also behave in this way with other women in his social sphere. Some Leo men are incredibly flirtatious by nature and what you see as signs that he likes might just be his friendship style.

To verify, look for these:

  • Does he offer to do things for you, but not for other women?
  • Does he pay more attention to you than to other people around him?
  • Is he more sensitive to your jokes and stories than the other women around him?
  • Is he more playful with you than other women?

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