March 27, 2023

If you know a Capricorn man, you know he’s a walking mysterious paradox. Due to his reticent nature, it can seem difficult to really get to know him. Indeed, he very rarely lowers his guard and only truly motivated people can have the patience and the temerity to face this wall of ice.

With traits often perceived as cold and insensitive, the Capricorn man’s secret is his raw and sensitive heart which he desperately seeks to protect. By nature, he is not very sociable and he tends to have a very cynical and negative view of others. Always focused on his goal and his work, the Saturn-ruled Capricorn man always keeps an eye on his end goal. Continue to read and find out which are the signs that a Capricorn man likes you.

Signs that a Capricorn man likes you

At the beginning of the relationship, a Capricorn man in love is shy

In love, the Capricorn man is subtle. This zodiac sign is known to be very shy when meeting someone for the first time.

It’s quite typical for a Capricorn man to take his time in love. Indeed, he likes to savor every moment and does not want to rush the start of your romantic relationship.

He sets limits on your romantic relationship

Ruled by Saturn, the demeanor of a Capricorn man in love suddenly changes when he realizes his feelings for you.

Indeed, he wants to structure your relationship. Thus, he lets you know what he wants and also asks you what you are looking for. In short, he wants to make sure you’re on the same page to avoid any awkward moments or tension.

He is reliable!

The Capricorn man is very loyal and he does everything in his power to never let anyone down. Expect this sign to be by your side to support you through difficult times!

Reliability is how a Capricorn man shows his romantic side. You can count on Capricorn to stick to the plans he has made with you.

A Capricorn man in love isn’t afraid to show you his sensitive side

This earth sign is known for its stability and sometimes serious outlook on life. He will be extraordinarily sensitive once you get to know him.

The Capricorn man in love will share his feelings slowly over time. He will listen to what is happening around him and will certainly take into account all the details about you.

He lets you take the lead

Known for taking the lead in most aspects of life, the Capricorn man will be ready to shift relationship power dynamics for the person he loves.

Indeed, he is really attracted to strong and powerful women and does not let himself be intimidated by an equal partnership. So when a Capricorn man is in love, he doesn’t hesitate to take a step back to let himself be led.

A Capricorn man in love shows you off as a trophy he is proud of

A Capricorn does not choose just anyone as a partner. He takes his time and analyzes everything: beauty, intelligence, humor and wit. So when he falls in love, he knows that this woman is a rare pearl.

Of course, he wants to show it. Yes, he wants everyone to know that he is extremely proud to have you in his life and happy to have found such love.

Contemplation and reflection in perspective…

You know a Capricorn man is falling for you when he shows you his contemplative and deep side. Oh yes, he loves having a long intellectual discussion and getting to the bottom of your thoughts.

Besides, that’s not all. Indeed, a Capricorn in love also wants to hear your analysis of the current situation and is absolutely engrossed in your approach to life’s most existential questions.

He doesn’t hesitate to change his working hours to see you

The Capricorn man is almost married to his job, in some ways. However, when he has feelings for you, he adjusts his work schedule to see you.

He wants to be near you so much that he rebalances his professional life and his private life when he is in love. But if you’re also a workaholic, all the better because your man will understand and support all of your plans.

A Capricorn in love is proud of their rebellious side

Usually so loyal to the rules, Capricorn has a secret rebellious side that they are eager to share with the person they love!

For example, he likes to practice extreme sports or participate in hard rock parties because it allows him to relax. And if he invites you to join him, you can be sure that he is in love.

He organizes meetings with artistic lovers

In addition to its secret rebellious side, this astrological sign also has a taste for the traditional. Thus, when a Capricorn is in love, he will do everything to practice activities that will allow you to evolve together.

He will of course try to make the outing as romantic as possible. It will have interesting places to explore and it will combine dating with the expansion of the intellectual mind.

Beware of jealousy!

Oh yes ! In love, the Capricorn man can quickly become jealous. Indeed, he has a possessive side that he sometimes has trouble controlling. Well yes, he is aware of the rare pearl that you are. But it is not without issue!

If you feel like this man is your soulmate, you need to make it clear to him that he can completely trust you and has no reason to be jealous.

He always flirts with you

Known for his dry wit and sense of humor, he relaxes with you and is flirtatious when he falls in love. By letting his fun side shine through, he wants to keep things light.

Spending time with the person he loves gives him a well-deserved break from work. This is why a Capricorn in love flirts a lot. He wants to touch you affectionately and kiss you constantly.

His private life is an open book for you

A Capricorn man in love has a liberating demeanor since that’s the only time he really opens up. Indeed, as he spends a lot of time alone, he has accumulated different interests.

So, when a Capricorn loves someone, he invites them to his house to tell them all his secrets. In short, he will do his best to let you know everything about him.

For a Capricorn in love, sex and love are two different things

Generally known for his vigorous libido, when a Capricorn man loves someone, he separates the love from the sex. Secretly, this sign plays it safe when it comes to long-term relationships.

But when it comes to sex, you’ll see this zodiac sign surrender quite easily! When a Capricorn man falls in love, he suddenly takes the subject of sex very seriously and takes his time before jumping into bed.

Surprises in bed!

For the Capricorn in love, sex and love are two different things. Thus, if he likes stability, softness and routine in the love sphere, this is not the case for intimate life.

Indeed, he likes to experiment and discover new ways to please himself and his partner. Thus, if your man opens up, in terms of sex, it means that he feels completely comfortable with you!

Behavior of a capricorn man in love

  • He tries to stand out from the crowd
  • He loves chatting with you
  • He makes you feel special
  • He does everything he can to be close to you.
  • He is shy with you
  • He takes time for you
  • He opens up to you emotionally
  • He remembers everything you say
  • He smiles
  • he looks at you discreetly
  • he tries to make you happy
  • he looks at you with attention

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