March 27, 2023

The first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer is intuitive and sensitive. And as a cardinal sign, he’s driven to form intimate emotional bonds that promise to last. At the start of the relationship, the Cancer man is shy and probably can’t even look in your direction without blushing and turning away.

He is prone to overthinking and may not be able to approach you. But if you take the first step, he hangs on and does everything for you. The Cancer man is incredibly caring, committed and protective of his loved ones and does everything in his power to make you feel comfortable and safe with him. Read down below and find out which are the signs a cancer man likes you.

Signs a cancer man likes you

With him, you feel like the only woman on earth

When a Cancer loves, their sweetheart feels extra special. Indeed, he wants to make sure you know he is not looking away.

He will go the extra mile to make you smile and laugh. If he wants to invest himself in a long-term partnership with you, he will ensure that you have no doubts.

Cancer in love will do anything to make you happy

Happiness and satisfaction! He wants to make sure you feel loved. He considers happiness to be very important in a partnership. You will never be bored, because he will always do his best to make you smile.

Any shyness will go away and he will start cracking jokes and acting silly just to make you laugh. For him, love should be a party and a good slice of fun.

A Cancer in love asks tons of questions because they want to get to know you

It is important for him to be open to emotions. A man of this zodiac sign will show that he really cares about you, among other things, by opening up and showing you his true emotions.

So if you’re in a relationship with a Cancer man, he’ll want you to open up to him and reveal the secrets no one else knows.

The Cancer man in love is very protective

Your safety and happiness are one of her priorities. If a Cancer man loves you, then he will do everything to protect you from the harmful influence of people.

He will lend you a shoulder to cry on if you are sad, he will cook for you, he will take care of you and make you feel safe. If he really loves you, he will do everything possible to make you happy every day.

He becomes very affectionate towards you

Generally speaking, Cancer men are kind and friendly. However, when they fall in love, they go that extra mile. Yes, they become very attentive and affectionate.

A Cancer man in love is not good at hiding his emotions or feelings. He is naturally flirty, but when he sets his sights on a woman, he becomes gentle as a lamb.

The Cancer man in love is not ashamed to open up completely

If your Cancer man opens up out of the blue and reveals his deepest secrets or shares personal information with you, it’s a sign that he’s in love with you. Honesty is very important to him.

He will tell you about his family, his past, what he loves, what he hopes for the future and what he wants from a partnership. If he wants to have a serious relationship with you, he will tell you almost everything there is to know about him. He’s incredibly sensitive, but won’t let you into his secret garden until he’s sure he can see a future with you.

The Cancer man in love is very attentive to his partner

If a Cancer man loves you, you can be sure that he will remember important details about you: birthday, favorite hobbies, favorite food, date of your first date, etc.

For example, he’s the kind of man to keep the ticket to the first concert you went to see. A Cancer man is not afraid to show his love. Romance and romantic gestures are important to him. He calls and texts his sweetheart regularly.

In love, the Cancer man is sincere about his feelings

He tells you how he feels, he talks about his plans and intentions for the future. A Cancer man is a romantic and therefore has no trouble expressing his needs or expectations.

Trust is extremely important to him, so if he talks about his personal goals and starts including you in his plans, you’ve won his heart.

His actions speak louder than his words

Even if he doesn’t say “I love you”, he proves to you by his little gestures that he cares about you. For example, he invites you to participate in his centers of interest.

If he really likes you, he will make the effort to show it to you through his actions and not just his words. He will make sure you feel loved with small acts of caring kindness throughout the day.

He cooks a lot!

Cancer is associated with education, care and cooking. So if your man starts pampering you by preparing your favorite dishes, he’s hooked!

Being invited to his house and having a meal or even chatting on the couch is potentially a date for a Cancer man in love.

For him, you are his best friend

If a Cancer man is in love with you, he considers you his confidante and wants your friendship to be as strong as your love. He enjoys your company more than any other.

For him, his soulmate is someone who completes him in every way. In short, he could live without his friends and family. But he couldn’t live without his darling.

His friends? They are also yours!

A Cancer man in love wants his friends to know the woman he loves. Indeed, he loves his friends as if they were part of his family and they are among the most important people in his life.

So if you see him trying to find a place for you in his social circle or regularly talking about you to his loved ones, you can be sure he’s in love.

A Cancer in love will introduce you to his family

If you know your darling’s social environment and family, you can be sure that your Cancer man is in love with you.

Yes, it is only when he is certain that he wants to spend his life with you that he will take these steps. Indeed, it is extremely important for him that you have good relations with all his relatives.

He settles into a routine with you

Outings with friends are very important for a man of this sign. Indeed, it is part of his nature. But a Cancer in love is ready to draw a line under his social life so he can spend more time with you.

In love, the Cancer man is very committed and devoted. The fact that he is more available and spends more time with you is proof of the importance you have in his life.

A Cancer man in love is very jealous

The darker side of this sign is jealousy. Sometimes moody and grumpy, a Cancer man in love needs reassurance and pampering.

His powerful sense of emotions and the fears he may have can feel overwhelming at times! This intensity diminishes when he knows that there is nothing to fear.

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