March 27, 2023

Sometimes a specific sexual experience sticks in your mind as the most exciting moment of your life, whether it’s the person, the place, or something new and sexy you’ve tried. These people share real sexual experiences.

Whether it was with your boyfriend or on a date, it doesn’t matter: readers have revealed their incredible sex stories to us, in the most unusual ways and places, in the cowgirl position or in the classic 69, from the lake to the driveway. Continue down below and read the hottest sex stories.

Best sex stories

The quickie in a supermarket

“It was New Year’s morning, and I was hungry. So I took the car to go to the nearest grocery store. The city was deserted and the store too. Subsidiary information: I don’t wear underwear to sleep, so you could clearly see a protrusion under my pajamas. As soon as I walked into the store, I noticed the checkout clerk staring after me, so I started getting hard. When I headed to the cash register to pay for all my stuff, I was careful to leave my dick in plain sight. The employee said to me, “Wow, you have a big one.” I was so excited that I replied, “Do you want to see her?” I took out my cock and the employee was left speechless. He closed the doors of the store,We had an incredible sex session next to a pile of cans.

This bathhouse adventure

“I went to the bathhouses in town. I caught a guy’s eye and invited him into my cabin, which had the advantage of having a window so other guys could peek through. We started off at a pretty slow pace—kissing, tongue stimulating, fingering, nothing out of the ordinary—and then moved on to really intense sex, him on top. I pointed to the window and he opened the blinds. Of course, there was soon a whole group of excited guys staring at us. I was so excited, and we made it look like a real show. We had a blast for at least 20 minutes before cumming on each other. I remember one guy was masturbating and even ejaculated on the window. At the end, we closed the blinds and took a nap before making love again. We never went out too much together at parties, but he became a good sex partner for several months. I still masturbate thinking about those times.”

This sticky date

“My boyfriend at the time texted me saying he was coming in 30 minutes, that I had to shower, lie naked on the bed and blindfold myself before he came home. I obeyed. I lay on the bed, on my back, with my head pointing towards the door. I heard him come in, put his things down and handle something. Then I heard his footsteps enter the bedroom. I felt him standing near my head. The next moment I had his penis in my mouth. And then I realized that his cock was covered in Nutella . It was too good. Every time I see Nutella now I get a huge smile on my face and no one knows why.”

This patriotic fantasy

“I met an American soldier on Whisper. He shared with me a very detailed fantasy, that of returning from the war and arriving home to find his girlfriend there who was going to “thank him as he should for having served his country”. We met on a quiet hiking trail, him in camouflage. As soon as we got out of our cars, he started kissing me. He was so passionate. His hands were placed on my neck, then they wandered over my chest, my stomach, and down my skirt. We moved away following the path to be quieter. We lay down, and he started fingering me while we kissed. Then he lifted my skirt and stimulated me with his tongue until IHe unbuttoned his pants and made love to me while keeping his uniform on. It was the most fantastic and passionate sex I have ever had with a stranger. We also met a few times after that.”

This silent sleeper

“I was at college in the Alps, and I went back to the apartment of a guy I had slept with before. He shared the apartment with four other guys. In the middle of the night, we started making love on her tiny bed, while two other guys were sleeping on the mezzanine, and two others on the floor below. If I reached out I could touch one of the sleeping guys, that is if the beds were close together . It was exciting. The guy I was sleeping with had to hold his hand over my mouth to keep me from making noise and waking up the whole house.”

This miracle on Tinder

“I met a guy on Tinder who frankly had to be the cutest guy I’ve ever seen. Our conversation was pretty casual at first, but suddenly he started telling me about all the sexual things he would like to do with me. It was literally my fourth time having sex, so I figured it was worth a try. He came to my house and I offered him a drink. He refused and he got behind me to whisper in my ear: “the only thing I want is to taste this pair of buttocks”. I dared not move, and suddenly he put me on his shoulder, threw me on the bed and immediately started. I stayed astride his face for a long time. We then went to the bathroom, we made love on a piece of furniture, and we ended up in the shower. It lasted three hours and it could have lasted longer but he had to go to work. This is hands down the best sex I’ve ever had.”

This real porn movie

“I had had a little fling with one of my bosses some time before, and one day he made me stay late to finish a task. The next day, I purposely put on a skirt with lacy underwear because I wanted revenge for my overtime by skipping it . When everyone was gone, I got down on my knees and sucked him until he wanted me. We made love on the meeting table. It was rough sex but also very sensual. I even left a bite mark on his neck. We did everything: 69, anal, reverse andromaque. It was like porn. My boss looked like Doctor Mamour in Grey’s Anatomy .”

Stripper’s Delight

“My friend and I were in Mexico City for the weekend and we went to a strip club. I was the only girl in the club other than the ones who worked there, and I wanted one of the girls to do a lap dance for me. A blonde accepted, and she gave me a private show while my friend watched us. It was my first time doing this with a woman, and she had an incredibly soft body. While she was on top of me, I decided ~to go for it~ and spanked her until she moaned . She took my clothes off and we ended up taking turns licking each other on the chair. It was amazing because we both had big boobs and soft skin. I wanted my friend to join us, but I

This game on FaceTime

“I had been dating this guy for a few months and we decided to go to the bathhouse ‘just to see how it was’. Neither of them touched anyone else while we were at it, but it was fun. Fast forward a few months to when my boyfriend was on a trip, and we were both desperate to fuck. So we decided that I will go to the bathhouse alone and give my phone to another client with my boyfriend online on FaceTime while the guy makes me cum with a big dildo. Then I put myself in a complex situation while several men took turns to fuck me and others sucked me and stimulated me, under the gaze of my boyfriend. It was great fun and I

This very discreet Uber

“My ex and I were invited to a friend’s birthday party. She’d bought a pair of briefs that you could slip a remote-controlled vibrator into, so I could play with her, experimenting with the different settings, speeds, and intensities, all through dinner and while we were in the club. When we got back in our Uber to leave, she discreetly took off her panties and slipped them into my pocket. I fingered her until we got home , while trying not to alert our Uber driver to what was really going on. There was a huge wet spot on the seat when we got off. We had arguably the best sex of our relationship that night.”

This romantic adventure on vacation

“I was on vacation in Rome and I met a Finnish dancer on Tinder. We partied all night until the restaurants closed. Then we bought a few beers and wandered around the Colosseum. Then, the couple of lesbians a little drunk and stupid that we were began to jump the barriers and go up to the first floor. We then started hugging against the 2,000 year old monument. Our clothes were quickly removed. Leaning over a metal barrier, I noticed a guard watching us from afar.. He was just watching us. Since he didn’t ask us to leave or anything like that, we just kept going, and it was even more exciting. She started fingering me. It lasted a good twenty minutes, with a lot of twirls, pirouettes and licks. After the end of our antics, before leaving, the guard said to us: “Good night, the pretty ones”. We watched the sun rise in Piazza di Spagna and our paths parted ways. I never saw her again.”

The Good Grip

“I was really into fisting and practiced stretching my private parts. I had tried to get fisted by men, but their hands were too big. I was dying to have a whole hand inside my vagina, so I put an ad on Craigslist saying I was looking for a woman to fist me. We didn’t exchange names or photos—we just met at a local park and I snuck into the backseat of his car. Once I was wet, she inserted her fingers one by one. Then she started inserting the palm of her hand. The pressure was incredible and I almost orgasmed instantly.Arming herself with plenty of lube and patience, she was finally able to make quick back and forth movements in my pussy. I came twice, I got out of his car and we parted.

This late bath

“My boyfriend and I were spending the night at a friend’s apartment. In the middle of the night, everyone fancied a midnight swim. They didn’t have a pool, so we walked through the residence to find a pool and hot tub at someone else’s. Getting later and later, some left and the temperature went up a notch between my boyfriend and me. Things just rolled into one, and we had the best hot tub sex EVER . I have never felt so energized, alive and excited. I would so much like to be able to repeat this experience.”

This vacation in Las Vegas

“I went with a guy to a sex club in Las Vegas called the Green Door. We were pretty laid back at first, watching other couples making out in the different rooms, but unfortunately there wasn’t much action. Then we entered a small room which had a beaded curtain as a door. The guy I was with started giving me cunnilingus. Then he turned me around and we started having sex it was amazing. That’s when I looked up and saw three or four faces watching us through the beaded curtain that replaced the door . It was interesting to see that being observed during sex was something very exciting for me.

The Secret Ingredient

“My girlfriend’s parents were away, so we tried a naked cooking experience. My girlfriend only wore an apron while I fucked her from behind on the oven. Our common bodily fluids ended up on the food when I retired, but we decided to eat it all anyway (why waste good food?). Afterwards, we got pretty creative with the dessert and made a big mess by fucking on all the horizontal surfaces in the kitchen. Let’s say that I wouldn’t want us to go and inspect his kitchen one day with a black light.

This Secret Action

“I once managed to discreetly have sex with my girlfriend in her boarding school room while having a conversation with the girl she shared her room with. It was in the middle of the day, and several people passed through the room. My girlfriend and I were entwined under the covers, both facing the other girl, and mid-conversation she leaned in to whisper, “I want you inside of me” . I did what she asked by putting myself in the right position. I kept smiling and nodding for the rest of the conversation while doing my duty.”

And that one day experience

“I was driving one of my best friends (who is gay) home. To thank me, he said jokingly, “I’ll give you a blowjob, but my tits are in the store.” I was 18, and just hearing the word “tits” gave me an erection, so I undid my fly and pulled out my dick, a bit jokingly but not quite. He started sucking me off while I was driving. He told me to pull over, and I unloaded in his mouth. Then he said he was going to eat my ass. He got out of the car, he went to the driver’s side and he opened my door. I got out, leaned against the car and he ate my ass. It was so good my legs were shaking.I ejaculated a second time but there wasn’t much left, and he said, “Is that all you got for me?” . It was so exciting that someone wanted my cum so badly. It only happened to us once. We are still friends, and he will be the best man at my wedding (with a woman) next year. No woman has ever offered to eat my ass. I’ve met a few of his buddies and always wondered if my dick was bigger than theirs.”

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