March 27, 2023

There are so many variables to consider: you, your partner, where you do it, how well you two get along, and so on. The sexual position changes based on a thousand factors. To make love well, of course, everything starts from one principle: your desire to get involved.

If you really want to spice things up in the bedroom, then it might just be time to learn the top sex positions of the Kamasutra. This ancient Indian art of lovemaking has been driving couples to go “wild” for centuries, so it’s sure to bring a little more excitement between you and your partner. So get ready, grab your mate, and learn some of the best Kamasutra sex positions!

Sex positions

The Butterfly Leg Missionary

You can never go wrong with the missionary position; there’s a reason it’s the most popular sex position. To make it even more comfortable during your period, try it with your legs folded up like butterfly wings. This will open up your hips a bit and you will feel great. It’s also a great position for your partner to be on top of you while using a vibrator or any other toy you like.

Doggy Style

There are so many variations of doggy style to try. Whether it’s lying on your stomach with your butt up or putting a pillow under your knees to lift yourself up a bit, this position is a favorite of many for a reason. If you want, the menstrual period can also be a good time to try anal sex.

The missionary with straight legs

Another twist on the classic missionary, this one invites you to settle into the standard “legs against the wall” yoga pose, except your partner is the wall. Keep your legs together and place them on his chest or have him hold them for you. This allows your partner to reach far and wide while still being able to access your clitoris for any extra stimulation you crave.


If you want a position to feel really close to your partner, this position is ideal! Ask your partner to sit on a couch or on the bed with their legs in front of him or her. You will straddle him from above, wrapping your legs around his waist. Because you’re face to face, it’s easy to look each other in the eye and really connect intimately. It’s also a great position if you want to rub up against your partner to turn up the excitement.

Best sex positions

Mutual Masturbation

If you fancy a duo session less focused on penetration, but want to enjoy all the benefits of an orgasm, you can masturbate with your partner while you are side by side or face to face. Side-by-side means you can touch each other if you feel like it, and face-to-face gives you unobstructed views. Either way, you can’t go wrong.


What better position to try during your period than a position where you lie down and rest? To make this position a little more fun, lift your leg closest to the ceiling so that your legs are in a “T” position. Your partner will have a little more room to penetrate you from this angle, as well as a pretty view!


With your hormones making you a little more horny than usual, you may want to let yourself go into a position where you are in full control. In this case, go for the cowgirl. This position allows you to go at your own pace, and it’s very easy for your partner to use their fingers or a vibrator on your clitoris at the same time.

No matter what position you adopt to have pleasure during your period, the surge of soothing and calming hormones will certainly be welcome. And don’t forget to have a towel handy for easy cleanup!

Different sex positions

The panda’s embrace

Very high level of comfort at the end of exhausting days. Madame is lying on her side a little curled up while Monsieur, facing her, adopts practically the same position, but at 180 degrees. It is a position very rich in sensations where Mr. can also caress the buttocks of his partner.

The slip knot

This position does not come naturally and requires a bit of skill, but once done it is very intense. Partners sit facing each other and bend their knees close to their bodies. The back-and-forth motions may seem difficult, but holding each other’s feet or hands is totally possible to get a lot of fun out of it!

The wolf

Standing positions are less popular, so this makes them a must to change from the routine. The wolf is a good example. Both partners are standing, the man behind the woman. It leans forward to facilitate penetration. This position is easier when the two partners are of similar height, but it is also possible to elevate Madame on a bench.

The little bridge

Sir, are you feeling fit and particularly flexible that day? I offer you a challenge: the position of the small bridge. Supported on your hands and feet, you make the bridge by arching your back backwards. Madame straddles you, taking care not to put her entire weight on you, of course. If you don’t succeed in this position, you will at least have had a few giggles!

Crazy sex positions

The epicurean

In antiquity, Epicurus advocated pleasure in simplicity. This position is quite appropriate. Sir, sit down comfortably on a cushion or a pillow while Madame, with her back to you, savors the body that you offer her through a penetration over which she has control. A show you will remember for a long time!


Only try if you’re comfortable doing so, as it could be a disappointing experience if you don’t feel like it. Many men like to practice anal penetration from time to time. When the excitement is at its maximum, the woman also derives a lot of pleasure thanks to the many sensations that this position provides.

The two-headed beast

Textually, this position is a bit difficult to describe. Basically, the woman is lying on her back with her knees bent over her. The man, meanwhile, kneels on the other side and presses his buttocks on Madame to facilitate penetration. Again, this position is rarely offered during lovemaking, but I bet you’ll get a lot of pleasure out of it!

Car sex positions

In the front seat

The possibilities for sex positions are a little less than in the backseat, but part of the appeal of having sex in the car is having to be creative in a “hostile” environment.

Duo masturbation

Also in the preliminaries, it is possible to caress our partner from one bench to another in order to increase the excitement to its maximum. Feeling at your fingertips that the other is as excited as we are… that’s a reason to find a quiet corner for the future. We also recommend that Mr. leave the underwear at home, when possible.


The Highway Safety Code forbids me to tell you that fellatio in a moving vehicle can be a rather pleasant experience… I therefore suggest that you stick to foreplay while the vehicle is in motion. Wait until the vehicle is completely immobilized in a small corner not too busy before running. Everyone on your seat, fellatio is quite possible in the front of the car provided you pay attention to the gear arm. Take care not to engage it in neutral inadvertently. You could have the unpleasant surprise of finding yourself with a moving car! Do not hesitate to adjust the position of your seats so that they are moved back as far as possible.

The position of Andromache

Achievable as much on the passenger side as on the driver’s side, although a little less comfortable for Madame because of the steering wheel, the sexual position of the Andromaque is perfect for the front seat. Monsieur is seated comfortably and Madame sits on him from the front. Ladies, you can even use the side cup holders as footrests.

Fun sex positions

Reverse cowgirl/cowboy

Let your partner take the reins of this easy twist on a classic. This position may not be ideal for both of you, but it could help release your partner’s inhibitions, too.

Lie on the bed, while your partner sits on top of you with their backs facing you and their legs straddling your body.

This position is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy some self-stimulation while admiring her sweet butt.

Double deck

Who says you have to limit your adventures to the bedroom? This position works best on the couch.

Lean over the sofa until you are supported on your elbows with your partner seated on top facing away from you. Have your partner lean back with their knees bent toward their chest as you penetrate her. It’s kind of like a more forward spooning position — not only will your partner appreciate the hug, she might enjoy an orgasm too.

The Frog

If you like the intensity of rear entry positions, try the frog sex position.

Start by sitting on the edge of the bed with your feet planted on the floor. Have your partner squat over you with their back against you, holding their waist to help move them up and down.

Take the load off and facilitate the movement by supporting her with your hands under her buttocks.

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