March 27, 2023

How to save? In search of greater financial peace of mind, people are becoming more and more interested in saving, especially the daily one, which allows them to set aside even thousands of euros a year, only thanks to extremely simple tricks. This means that saving money every day is important to be ready in case of unexpected expenses to be incurred.

To avoid being left with empty pockets and a desolately empty bank account, there is some little advice to put into practice in everyday life. Just follow a few tips on how to save money every day on everything, perhaps starting from shopping. Read down below and find out how to save money.

Set aside small amounts

In reality, many fixed daily costs are far from necessary. For example, having lunch out on a lunch break is an expense item that affects the monthly budget a lot, but it could easily be remedied by taking lunch from home every day. Same goes for breakfast too. The ideal would be to put the money saved into an online savings account that offers a higher interest rate than comparable traditional bank accounts.

The “48 hour rule”

The biggest enemy of savings is online shopping. So simple and immediate as to make it almost automatic the purchase of an asset that, often, we don’t even really need. So adopt the 48-hour rule , wait two days before ordering the identified item, so you will be able to distinguish if it is an unnecessary desire or a real need.

Take public transport or walk

The costs of running a car weigh heavily on the personal and family budget. Going to work by car every day is a very heavy expense, to save money it is advisable to take public transport or, better still when possible, go directly on foot (or by bicycle) .

Financial planning app

For those who find it more difficult to control themselves, do not worry, just get help from technology. Some apps, including Acorns, Mint, and Wally, also help define a budget, as well as alert you when you are overspending in a certain category.

Avoid bank commission costs

It often happens that you are forced to withdraw but without finding an ATM in your bank, the advice is to refuse to pay the fees for the withdrawal outside your network. Better to choose a bank that has many ATMs in your area.

Check recurring expenses

It can be very helpful to go through your bank and credit card statements from the last few months to identify recurring and avoidable expenses.

Share the shipping costs

If your friends are also used to shopping online, coordinate, perhaps buying what you need from the same site and in the same period so that you can share the shipping costs and therefore save a significant amount depending on the good.

Plan your meals

When shopping, in addition to being careful not to “buy with your eyes “, it is very useful to plan your weekly “diet”. In this way you can also avoid food waste, optimizing what you have in the fridge.

Disconnect the electrical plugs

It is important to always remember to unplug electronic devices such as televisions, computers, coffee machines and cable television decoders. You may not know it, but they continue to consume energy even when they are off , causing your electricity bill to rise.

Establish a budget

The last step is simple: keep the tax receipts of everything you buy for a month and divide them into categories such as shopping, restaurant, personal care, etc. At the end of the month it will be clear how you spend your money and where you can save.

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