March 27, 2023

Queen Cleopatra VII was the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt and the first female ruler of the country. Although Cleopatra’s reign was only a few years long, she is still remembered as one of the most famous pharaohs in the history of Egypt. She used to be known as Cleopatra Thea Philopator but then her half-brother Caesar Heliocles forced her to change her name to Cleopatra. This was because he did not want his niece and sister-in-law to have a male successor.

Therefore, she took on the name by which we know her today, Queen Cleopatra. Cleopatra’s life story has fascinated people for centuries now, and this is hardly surprising when you consider how charismatic she was and how many legends surround her. She was born in 67 B.C., in Alexandria, Egypt as Ptolemy XV Philopator and later became queen after marrying her brother, Ptolemy XVI Physcon who took the throne upon their father’s death in 80 B.C.. Read on to learn more about Queen Cleopatra of Egypt!

Who Was Queen Cleopatra?

Cleopatra was born as Ptolemy XV Philopator in Alexandria, Egypt. She was the only child of Pharaoh Ptolemy X Alexander I (known as Sesostris) and Queen Cleopatra V Tryphaena. When she became queen of Egypt at the age of 18, she was known by her birth name, Ptolemy XV, but then chose to take the name of her brother’s wife, Cleopatra, during the reign of her brother, Ptolemy XVI. Cleopatra was raised as a princess and learned to speak, write and conduct herself like a royal. She also received extensive education in the arts, sciences and languages. In addition to her native Greek, she was also proficient in Egyptian, Persian and Hebrew languages.

Her Childhood and Family Life

As a child and a young woman, Cleopatra was raised and educated as a princess. She was brought up in the customs and belief of Ancient Egypt and was a good example of how a princess should be. She was taught that she had a sacred duty to preserve and protect the customs and traditions of her people and country. In order to fulfill this duty, she devoted herself to the study of the ancient customs and beliefs of Egypt. Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy XV became close as children and were always seen playing together. They also shared a very close relationship with their parents and were always seen interacting with them. After the death of their father, Ptolemy X Alexander I, their mother, Queen Cleopatra V Tryphaena, became the only child of the king. Therefore, she was married to the new king, Ptolemy XVI who became her new stepson and brother-in-law. They had a marriage that was considered to be very happy and loving. The couple had two children together, a daughter, Cleopatra Selene, who later became the wife of Mark Antony and son, Ptolemy XV Philometor who later succeeded his mother as the king of Egypt.

The Battle of Actium and Death of Cleopatra

In 31 B.C., Cleopatra’s brother, Ptolemy XV became king and Cleopatra, his sister, became his queen. After her brother’s death in 30 B.C., Ptolemy XIII took the throne but his reign was short-lived and he, too, was killed in power struggles. Therefore, the throne of Egypt fell to her son, Ptolemy XV. It was Ptolemy XV who became a famous ruler of Egypt. He made many changes to the government system and also initiated many social reforms. He was a great builder in Egypt and expanded the temples, monuments and buildings significantly. During his reign, he faced many foreign threats. In 31 B.C., the Roman emperor Octavian defeated the emperor of the Parthian empire, Orodes II and then attacked the kingdom of Syria. Therefore, a Roman fleet was sent to Egypt to protect the country from possible attacks by the Romans. However, the fleet was defeated by Ptolemy XV and the Romans eventually left Egypt with the defeat.

Legendary Roman and Greek depictions of Cleopatra

In the same way that people have always wondered about the life story of Cleopatra, they have also been fascinated by her portrait in history and in art. The Roman and Greek authors who wrote about the queen have been very contradictory, portraying her as a temptress, a strong woman, a lover and a victim. The Roman sources say that Cleopatra’s beauty was beyond compare and that she was as beautiful as the goddess Venus. She was also described as being intelligent, passionate and passionate about power. The Greek authors even claimed that she was more beautiful than the goddess Aphrodite and that she was more intelligent than Plato.

Succession to the Throne: Caesarion and Antony

Queen Cleopatra’s son, Ptolemy XV became the new king and he was followed by his sister, Cleopatra who succeeded him as the queen of Egypt. Because of the marriage between their parents, Cleopatra and Ptolemy XVI became stepbrother and stepson to one another. They had a marriage that was considered to be very happy and loving. The couple had two children together, a daughter, Cleopatra Selene who later became the wife of Mark Antony and son, Ptolemy XV Philometor who later succeeded his mother as the king of Egypt. After the death of Ptolemy XV, Ptolemy XVI became the new king but as he was not a son of the previous king, he had no right to the throne. This led to a dispute between him and his sister, Cleopatra over the right to the throne. After a few years of fighting, Cleopatra and Ptolemy XVI agreed to a settlement. Cleopatra became the sole ruler of Egypt and her husband, Ptolemy XVI became her co-ruler. In 30 B.C., after the death of Ptolemy XV, Cleopatra married Mark Antony, the Roman general who had helped the Romans defeat the Egyptians at the Battle of Actium and win the rule of Egypt.

Legacy of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt

Cleopatra became one of the most famous rulers in the ancient world. She not only conquered Egypt but also conquered the minds of the people with her charm and intellect. Her legend inspired many writers and artists to write stories and create images of her. Her story even inspired a famous play by William Shakespeare titled “Antony and Cleopatra”. Her rule also influenced the lives of many people and played an important role in the development of the Egyptian society.


Queen Cleopatra lived only for a few years but she is still remembered as one of the most famous rulers in the history of Egypt. She ruled the country as a queen and was loved and admired by many people in her country and beyond. She was born as Ptolemy XV Philopator, in Alexandria and was raised as a princess in the customs and traditions of ancient Egypt. She was a strong and intelligent woman who was brave and diplomatic. During her rule, she became famous for her beauty and charm, her intelligence and her political abilities. After she became queen, she married her brother, Ptolemy XVI, who became her co-ruler. They had a happy and loving marriage and had two children together, a daughter, Cleopatra Selene and a son, Ptolemy XV Philometor.

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