March 27, 2023

Sports are always beautiful, regardless of how many athletes are practicing them or the public that follows them. As long as the teams are complete and, if the spirit is right, it’s always fun. But it is clear that if there is also someone to cheer for us, it becomes even more interesting. And if our team, our city, our national team or our entire movement can count on many practitioners, the levels will rise and the show is even more exciting.

This is why it can be interesting to find out which sport is most practiced in the world. Or, at least, which one is the most popular. Based on some official data and some estimates, we have tried to draw up a ranking of those most practiced and followed sports. Read down below and find out which are the most famous sports in the world.


You guessed; almost everyone has seen it arrive, being football in the top list of the most popular sports in the world. Well why not? It has about 3.5 billion people in the fandom, with over 250 million people dedicated to it. In Canada and the United States, it is better known as soccer. It is not certain that football has won the hearts of many without too many facts. Hence, it is not surprising that people are deeply affected by this. As for the nation, it is, of course, Brazil. When the talk of football goes down, nobody loses Brazil. Well, here’s how these two terms are related. As per history, the sport originated from the British side, although most claim it comes from the American side.


Cricket is a general game similar to other bat and ball games that have emerged from the South East counties of England. This sport began with high-class men who played almost all the school children who devoted themselves to it. Today he is with the fandom of over 2.5 billion people. In addition, around 460 million people practice this sport regularly or promptly. In addition, it is popular in 180 nations of the world. Among all these nations, this game has grown rapidly between England, India and Australia. And yet, even within them, India stands aloof in the top list for having this game as the most popular in their region.


Again, hockey is also a type of sport presented in different dimensions: bandy, field hockey, ice hockey, and roller hockey. Many may not accept it, but hockey is the third most popular sport in the world. On a similar note, it depicts 2.2 billion people in the fandom, with 1.64 million people actively liking it. In countries like Canada, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and the United States, hockey is very popular. Likewise, as we dive into its historical side, it began around 600 BC. As for the materials, they used leather, cork and horns.


Now, racing comes in various forms ranging from the human race to car racing to the animal race. Well, in whatever form it may be, it is a lot of fun and highly rated by fans around the world. Of all the many races present, auto racing still tops the rankings. According to the research, about 1.98 million people play this line of sport. In addition to the great risk that this sport entails, it also creates a perfect environment for fierce competition.


According to records, tennis began in the 12th century as an outdoor game, and later began to be played as an indoor game in the 13th century. However, it was not until the 16th century that this game took the name tennis. To date, tennis has had a frequently growing sports industry. Statistically it has reached a fandom of one billion and nearly 87 million people are involved. Well, tennis covers 1.17% of the world population.


Well, that’s the list of the most popular games and how can we lose it boxing, right? It has the thrill, the entertainment, and even the risk that completes a sports category. But, above all, he has a great craze among young fans. For processing, numerous flights or trips around the world occur to attend a specific boxing match. Thus, of all nations, the United States shows a large audience in boxing. In addition, they also get the largest financial revenues compared to other countries. In addition, this sport is also highly celebrated in other countries such as Cuba, Mexico, the Philippines and the United Kingdom. Among all these places, one of the centers for the fight is in Las Vegas. Today, boxing generates 900 million people in the fandom.


All ball-related sports have been very popular with fans. It is very popular in Brazil, to be precise. In fact, other countries also see it as an extensive entertainment factor. Interestingly, volleyball has two parts; the interior and the beach. About 900 million people are involved in his fandom and about 800 people participate in this game. In addition, it is on the list of one of the prestigious games in the world.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong is often considered a game for older upper-level students and initially started in Victorian England. However, over the past decade, it has grown widely as a popular sport with around 875 million people in the fandom. Well, it’s slowly gaining popularity in the United States. However, it was a popular game forged throughout Europe and East Asia. Widely known as ping pong, this game is friendlier and very popular with children as a school game as well.


Basketball was born in the late 1890s when a Canadian professor thought it up for his students. If we look at his fandom, basketball has about 875 million people. As for their value in countries, the United States is still at the top. However, the Philippines and Canada follow it closely.


Initially, baseball started out as a popular school game among the children of Great Britain and Ireland. But the modern baseball game we dive into is of North American origin. Undoubtedly, today he is favored in the United States. Likewise, baseball is very popular in the Dominican Republic, Canada and Puerto Rico. But, if you look at the statistical value, roughly 500 million people are part of the baseball fandom. Not to mention, the sport depicts around 30 million players on the pitch. In addition, this sport is practiced in over 140 countries around the world.


In the beginning, Rugby started in the first half of the 19th century from England. Subsequently, it was very popular among Commonwealth communities. Today the sport is popular mainly in New Zealand, Wales, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Georgia and Madagascar. Indeed, the sport has gained recognition as one of the most celebrated sports compared to the past. There are 475 million fandoms worldwide. However, it is not taken seriously in a competitive sense. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, people still regard rugby as a minor amateur sport.

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