March 27, 2023

There is a refuge that seems to be an established certainty for those who surf in search of a good movie to see ; we are clearly talking about Netflix, the streaming platform that for several years has revolutionized the way of understanding cinema, offering viewers the opportunity to enjoy an always updated catalog full of films of any genre, without forgetting to give a hand to new productions.

So, if it is true that among the viewing possibilities there are films that are not exactly worthy of note, it is clear that those who are about to browse the Netflix catalog can often enjoy the vision of some cinematographic jewels, sometimes original, such as Apostle or Rome., sometimes classics to be rediscovered or revised. Read down below and find out which are the new movies to watch right now.

New movies

Enola Holmes 2

The film focuses on a case in which this time the young woman will move trying to reconfirm the role that she once saw as a protagonist, that is that of a detective with a superfine flair and impeccable deductions, made available to people who go to she looking for help. When everything seems lost and for Enola it is time to give up what seems to have been only a glorious achievement in her young existence, an investigation appears before her eyes on which she will also lead the viewer. A pursuit of the traces and intuitions of a Chinese box with a hilarity that suits the light soul of the work and grants it a simple and effective sympathy. The one that belongs in the first place to the fulcrum of his story, to a character who arouses those feelings of joy and confidence necessary to enter intricate and dangerous investigative paths, such as those that are brought up again this time, while maintaining an immaculate aura and sweetened in which to move characters and audience making them feel safe.


Uncharted, an adaptation of the famous videogame series created by Naughty Dog, has landed in Italian cinemas. Directing is Ruben Fleischer, director loved by the public for Zombieland and harassed by the same for Venom, while in the role of the intrepid Nathan Drake we find Tom Holland, the actor of the moment. Is Uncharted yet another disappointing videogame adaptation or are we faced with one of those works that is pushing the new wave of videogames to the cinema? Tom Holland, the star of the moment, and Uncharted, a strong brand curated by Naughty Dog, the development house behind The Last of Us and with a huge talent for developing original intellectual properties, seemed a perfect blend.

The Lost City

The Lost City is the story of Loretta Sage ( Sandra Bullock ), author of a popular series of highly sexual adventure novels, also appreciated for the covers where the male protagonist Dash McMahon has the features of the model Alan Caprison ( Channing Tatum ). Loretta wants to move on to something else, as she hints without too many words at the beginning of a disastrous promotional tour where she is accompanied by Alan. Disheartened, she finds herself contacted by the eccentric British billionaire Abigail Fairfax ( Daniel Radcliffe). He is convinced that the lost city described in the novels is on an island he bought, and wants her to help him find the treasure there. She doesn’t want to know, to which Fairfax ensures her participation by force. Alan, who partially witnessed her kidnapping, decides to save her, thus proving that he lives up to the character he has portrayed for years in the photos. Helping him is Jack Trainer ( Brad Pitt ), who specializes in rescue operations, but the jungle contains several surprises for both of them, and also for Loretta, who has to deal with an adventure not unlike the ones she usually limits herself to. put on paper.


Eight years earlier Anne Elliot was about to marry simple sailor Frederick Wentworth. The title of the film refers to her persuasion to reject Wentworth , which the protagonist suffered from her family, and, in particular, from Lady Russell – a trusted friend of her mother, played by Nikki Amuka-Bird. Wentworth was in fact a sailor without rank or patrimony and the woman was persuaded to let him go. But in the present the two exes (he, thanks to the wars against Napoleon, has become a rich Captain) meet again in Uppercross …

Movies out now

Luckiest Girl Alive

Inspired by a true story published in the New York Times, that of Jessica Knoll herself, survivor of a gang rape, Luckiest Girl Alive is the tale of a denial, but even more of the need to go through the pain instead of forcing it into a corner of the mind. It is also a strong denunciation of the culture of rape, of the dynamics of power from which it arises and for which it is always, even today, difficult and frightening to report.

In the castle of lies that Ani builds to protect herself, the only brick that is missing, from the beginning, is the support and security to be able to face that past that is eternal present. Between flashbacks and developments of chilling revenge, Ani’s life is revealed little by little, in all the complexity of her, until the moment in which she decides how and when to regain possession of her own narrative.

The Good Nurse

Amy is a very busy nurse and completely dedicated to her job. Because of this, however, she is forced to spend little time with her daughters, who suffer the absence of her mother. The situation worsens when you amy discovers that she has heart problems, which will lead her to have an operation shortly thereafter. In the life lived in a hurry by Amy, a new nurse makes room, Charlie, with whom the woman forms a very strong friendship. Charlie appears to be a good person and seems to really care about Amy and her daughters, but some abnormal situations in the hospital undermine their relationship, casting strong doubts about who Charlie really is.


Joseph Kosinski, Miles Teller, Chris Hemsworth. We can only start with these three names our review of Spiderhead, because the director and the two protagonists of the Netflix filmin the catalog from June 17, they are also very topical in the cinema scene. The first two to be director and co-star of the recent Top Gun: Maverick, Hemsworth because he is about to return to the big screen in the role of Thor for the next Marvel movie. Indeed, it is striking that the arrival of Spiderhead has not been particularly advertised by the streaming platform, because with these names involved he would have all the credentials to become a title to communicate and support. Netflix marketing mysteries that we do not intend to talk about, also because the success of the platform cannot make us doubt the effectiveness of the strategies applied.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

The suggestions contained in Stephen King ‘s short novel Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, part of the 2020 If Blood Runs collection, have found fertile ground on the small screen, as our review of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone points out . The film, on Netflix from October 5, was born from the synergy between streamer and producers Jason Blum, finally grappling with the Kinghian corpus, and Ryan Murphy. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, directed by John Lee Hancock, captures the essence of Stephen King’s story and, in full harmony with the choices of the Thrill King, focuses on developing the psyche of the characters even at the cost of sacrificing the horror dimension. The supernatural element of the story is preserved, but it does not have that centrality or even that strength of other similar films because the real disruptive force of the film is that inherent in the human soul.

Movies to watch

Avatar 2

Set more than ten years after the events of the first film, Avatar: The Way of the Water takes us back to Pandora, following the events of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their children), forced to leave their home due to a threat that pursues her. The film tells how far members of this family are willing to go to keep each other safe, about the battles they fight to stay alive and the obstacles they face. “James Cameron always puts universal themes at the center of his works, and which theme is more universal than the family?” explains Jon Landau “In this story the word family is declined not only in the sense of the biological family, but in a more generic sense of belonging to a community. The story of this family is not told only from the point of view of the parents.

Turning Red

Puberty is a difficult time for young people, you know, but few experience it as the heroine of Red ( Turning Red ), an animated family film focused on a competitive teenager who discovers what happens when her emotions begin to take over.

The latest Pixar effort starts from the curious premise of a Chinese-Canadian girl who transforms seamlessly into a furry giant red panda when she loses control to tell a metaphor of femininity , accepting oneself for those who are it is and the pressures of having to comply with the rigid restrictions that society – and the family – impose on us.

Humble and likeable , if at times a little too ‘rich’ in plot, Red sets the table for a heartwarming finale that speaks to the eternal tension between demanding mothers and daughters seeking their approval. Finished directly in streaming without going through the cinemas, if on the one hand this choice is not that unusual now (but it remains to be understood how a budget of 175 million dollars is ‘amortized’ ), on the other hand it is surprising the absence of large names in the vocal cast (on the face of it, the main attraction in that regard might then be Billie Eilish, who wrote the songs for the film’s fictional boy band).

Fistful of Vengeance

It makes its debut on the Netflix platform Fistful of Vengeance, a feature film that continues the story told in the TV series Wu Assassins and which brings together many of the main cast members, picking up where the show left off. The saga starring the Indonesian Iko Uwais, one of the most important living martial arts artists, had in fact been canceled from the streaming service after only one season (and 10 episodes). The filmdirected by Roel Reiné, former director of several episodes of the series, it is proposed as a stand-alone film that retains, however, all the elements that characterize the franchise and which, we are sure, will satisfy both fans and newbies: fights well choreographed, long and spectacular action scenes and a good dose of the supernatural. As we will see in our review of Fistful of Vengeance , however, this lust for action ends up leaving behind all the philosophy of kung fu and Chinese mythology that should have constituted the soul of the film but end up resulting as outline and incoherent fantasy elements.

Senior Year

The protagonist is Rebel Wilson, who plays Stephanie Conway (the teen version is Angourie Rice), while her flame, the so-called cool of the school, is Justin Hartley. Obviously it’s not a teen drama if there’s no nemesis, and Stephanie’s nemesis is Tiffany, with the face of Zoe Chao. The protagonist’s friends are Seth (Sam Richardson) and Martha (Mary Holland). Stephanie’s father is played by Chris Parnell instead. If that’s not enough, there’s also a cameo from the fantastic Alicia Silverstone, iconic star of Girls in Beverly Hills.

New movies 2022


Returning to directing nine years after The Great Gatsby, Luhrmann makes a film with Elvis that, just like its protagonist, wants to be larger than life. A film that goes beyond the strict biopic label and that tells the famous singer and showman with an excessive but at the same time intimate, flamboyant but also profoundly dark way, all naturally guided by those strong emotions at the base of all the director’s cinema. Australian. Just like Romeo and Juliet, like Satine and Christian and like Jay Gatsby, Elvis too is first and foremost a man in constant pursuit of love.

The 355

Sometimes you look at the names of the cast and think, “I’m going to watch this movie regardless of the plot.” You may have thought something similar seeing the trailer for Secret Team 355 ( The 355 ), which boasts a quintet of creepy protagonists: Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz, Diane Kruger and Bingbing Fan. You may then be further enhanced because it is a spy movie, one that – presumably – promises explosive twists and action scenes.

Yet, on balance it would be better to wait for it to arrive in streaming on some platform and see it on a Thursday night that you have nothing better to do. Because despite its stars – which also include the MCU’s Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan – this thriller turns out to be very disappointing.

Directed by Simon Kinberg ( X-Men: Dark Phoenix ), Secret Team 355 follows the stories of female agents of some secret intelligence agencies around the world, who reluctantly team up to hunt down a hard drive so powerful it is practically an Infinity Gem. This is an absolutely amazing McGuffin. The characters exalt themselves in epithets and metaphors about his genius and the equal danger, and the audience is obliged to indulge them while the action scenes follow one another.


We find her twenty-five years after the series of heinous and cruel murders that had shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro for the first time, again forced to leave her life elsewhere because of a new murderer with the mask of Ghostface. As always, he is committed to killing a group of teenagers, plunging the city back into terror. The old and the new, as ex-sheriff Riley declaims: Never trust a boyfriend, the murderer’s motive is always linked to something from the past, the murderer himself must be sought in the group of friends of the first victim. But knowing the rules is not enough, repeating them is useless, especially when there are so many to allow and justify any kind of paranoia. And hypotheses, on the part of the spectators, especially those who after having seen the other four films will be spoiled for choice on the precedent to rely on, useful for explaining what is about to happen or to confuse their ideas and displace them, preparing the new ones surprises.


During a space mission, a cloud of black, threatening nanoparticles rises from the moon and attacks three astronauts. On earth, an investigation and a trial follow that prematurely dismiss Commander Bryan Harper, who survived the mysterious accident with his colleague Jocinda Flower. For his superiors, Harper made a mistake that cost the life of a crew member. Ten years, a divorce and several bottles later, he is called to arms to save the Earth. Because the Moon is falling, NASA is confused and the US military has a stupid and atomic idea. It will be up to the two old colleagues to resume the route and discover the mystery. He helps them in the enterprise KC Houseman, conspiracy podacster convinced that the cause of the disaster is a extraterrestrial entity nestled in the heart of the star. All that remains is to turn on the launch pad and check on the (lunar) field.

New movies on Netflix

The School for Good and Evil

The School of Good and Evil is based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Soman Chainani and is a fantasy film for the whole family, directed by Paul Feig and exclusive to Netflix. With such a large following, the level of expectation was high and perhaps a little too high to live up to. The School of Good and Evil is an acquired taste. There are some magical moments and the script isn’t entirely bad, but having to cram such a rich story into two and a half hours means it’s a disappointment in the end. This is undoubtedly an adaptation that should have led to a multi-season series rather than a movie. Even if a sequel was anticipated at the end of the film, it might be worth going back to the drawing board before making any concrete plans.


We do not find out today that Netflix was working very well on animation, nor does it surprise us that we can make a mature animated story, aimed at an adult audience. However, we are pleased to write the review of Entergalacticbecause the film available from September 30 confirms both the previous observations, revealing itself to be an excellent animated title capable of speaking to a mature audience. In the catalog from 30 September, the project was born from Scott “Kid Cudi Mescudi and Kenya Barris and boasts a cast of voice actors of great importance, at least for the original version: from Mescudi himself for the protagonist to Jessica Williams, Timothée Chalamet, Laura Harrier, Vanessa Hudgens, Jaden Smith and Macaulay Culkin A film that knows how to amaze and excite, which we are sure will be noticed by fans of the genre and beyond.

All Quiet on the Western Front

In the space of a trench there is no possibility to move, to hope, to dream; in those few vital meters there is just the space to survive. Just staring at the sky, soldiers spend their time keeping their heads down, raising helmets and rifles to shoot, not fully understanding for whom, or for what. The soldiers at the front know only that they have to wear a uniform, drag themselves in piles of mud, and survive, waiting for tomorrow, or in the exhausting hope that a new day will begin to start all over again, between shots, rubble, bodies, death. A cyclicality of events that become daily rituals of a fight for salvation played hand to hand with death, between sudden shots, and bloody attacks.

Purple Hearts

There are times when some stories, however simple, manage to strike the right chords and conquer everyone. That’s what’s happening with Purple Hearts, the new Netflix movie that no one ever expected would be such a huge hit, globally, in such a short time. This film, which has just debuted on the streaming platform’s catalog, is ousting away from the top 10 worldwide even titles of a certain caliber such as the recent great Netflix masterpiece, The Sandman that the first place in the ranking should have it by right and without any discussion. But if a series like The Sandman is so well structured and detailed as to be, for some viewers, challenging, a film like Purple Heartsif he takes all the slices of the public because, in his small way, he touches many social issues that, you want or don’t want, belong to everyone, first of all love.

Good movies

Death on the Nile

How long has it been since Kenneth Branagh finished filming his Death On The Nile ? Enough for one of the main male characters in his adaptation to have been ‘deleted’ from the Hollywood favorites list in the meantime, but not enough for him to have attempted the path of public ‘rehabilitation’.

In any case, Armie Hammer – in the role played by Simon MacCorkindale in the first version of 1978 – is not such a familiar name for the target demographic of this nostalgic reworking for the big screen of Hercule Poirot’s most popular novel written by Agatha Christie , and director / star Kenneth Branagh filming one of the strongest Oscar nominees in 2022, Belfast. Fate therefore reserved ambivalent surprises for the release of this choral period drama.

An example of a ‘comfortable’ cinema, pleasant to watch, albeit devoid of atmosphere , shot at the end of 2019, Murder on the Nile does not contain the narrative surprises nor the jaw-dropping action of 2017 ‘s Murder on the Orient Express ( the review ). $ 350 million box office hit. It is interesting to note that Kenneth Branagh followed the same path taken by EMI in the 1970s, adapting first his Assassination on the Orient Express (with Albert Finney as Poirot), and then the less fortunate Assassination on the Nile (with Peter Ustinov). In much the same way, Murder on the Nile of 2022 is likely to reap little public acclaim.

The Batman

The Batman has finally made its debut in theaters and the dark cinecomic of the director Matt Reeves has kept the promise and the premises, to bring to the big screen a Bruce Wayne for a new generation, Robert Pattinson manages to give film and comic fans a memorable Batman, and restart a franchise that since 1989 has brought to the screen a series of heroes, anti-heroes and criminals who have entered, more or less, by right in the imagination of pop culture.

“The Batman” tells us of a Bruce Wayne still struggling with a trauma that is consuming him, a ferocious, depressed and atavistic black beast that Bruce feeds by punishing the rabble that haunts a Gotham that now seems hopeless; a soft underbelly made up of corruption, depravity and crime that like a cancer is devouring a defenseless city that only Batman and an honest policeman, Commissioner Gordon of the talented Jeffrey Wright, try to save by fighting with bare hands a war that now seems inexorably lost.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Grindelwald’s rise to power must be stopped. His intention to transform the wizarding world into an audience of blind subjects and to declare open war on the world of non-wizards must not go through. But Dumbledore cannot attack him: a blood pact made at a young age prevents him from doing so, when his worst enemy was the person most dear to him. It is therefore up to Newt Scamander and his team to act on behalf of Dumbledore: together with his brother Theseus, assistant Bunty, colleague Lally, Yussuf Kama and the bravest of non-magicians, the pastry chef Jakob Kowalski, Newt will have to prevent the deceit and terror prevail in the election of the new leader of the wizarding world.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

It is not easy to find a key to reading Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that makes this review satisfying without hinting at even the smallest detail of the story – surprising – that underlies its duration; it is not easy because Sam Raimi has decided to fill every single sequence of his film with emotionally relevant moments, able to reshape the cinema screen into a performance device, on the wave of Spider-Man: No Way Home, managing to overcome this’ last in effectiveness and visual solidity, narrative and meta-discursive. It’s not easy, but you need to try, because Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness it is the central node of a radical transformation of the Marvel Cinematic Univer se project, the culmination of a potentially eternal “Phase 4”, in a stratified, polyphonic and profoundly filmic crescendo in its affirmation.

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