March 27, 2023

If you think you need to lose weight quickly, know that the way forward is the one consisting of a balanced diet and the constant practice of physical activity. In other words: don’t expect miracle cures to lose weight quickly from this article. Indeed, one must be wary of phantom miraculous weight loss tips and starvation diets, because the risk is to lose weight quickly but recover the pounds lost with effort just as quickly, thus causing the unpleasant yo-yo effect.

But you can lose weight in a reasonable time if you constantly keep an eye on your physical well-being as your main objective. The answer to this need lies in a healthy and balanced diet and in the habit of exercising, which will improve not only the physical appearance but above all one ‘s lifestyle. Here then are the healthy tips on how to lose weight quickly, speed up the metabolism and tips for maintaining a lasting state of well-being.

How to lose weight fast

Diet to lose weight fast

The first fundamental advice if you have decided you want to lose weight quickly is to contact a specialist, starting with your doctor. Whatever your current shape losing weight quickly is not something to be done lightly. Contact a specialist who will evaluate the best route based on your needs and your state of health, and who will develop a tailor-made diet for you. Remember that losing weight well is a very delicate matter, and the help of a professional is essential.

Exercises to lose weight fast

Physical activity is essential if you intend to lose weight: simply cutting calorie intake is not an efficient way to get back in shape. If you intend to lose weight quickly, however, don’t fall into the trap of exaggerated and tiring physical activity, especially if you start playing sports out of the blue starting from a sedentary status.

Also in this case, ask the specialist who follows you for advice. Also keep in mind that you can experiment with different activities to choose the one you find most enjoyable. In fact, remember that in order to exercise constantly, motivation is essential, and following a workout that you find boring and that doesn’t appeal to you is certainly not an effective strategy.

Don’t focus on the presumed need to carry out intense training and don’t exhaust yourself: always listen to your body, stop when you feel you need to and always ask for help from qualified people.

Fast weight loss products

In the frenzy to lose weight quickly, we often go in search of phantasmagorical products or supplements to lose weight , which magically solve the problem and make you lose weight without having to control your diet and play sports.

Also in this field one must be very careful: do-it-yourself, word of mouth and the like are absolutely banned. Any slimming product must be prescribed by a doctor, and only if the latter deems it necessary. Everything else is to be avoided.

Don’t fast and eat 5 meals a day

Metabolism is a very delicate mechanism, capable of losing efficiency with little. Therefore, the secret to losing weight reasonably quickly is to help metabolic activity, following a healthy and smart lifestyle. So it makes more sense to lose weight by eating, but by eating well.

The metabolism should be stimulated with the daily intake of the right nutrients, divided into 5 balanced meals, distributing the caloric intake throughout the day, in different doses.

A nutritionist could help you customize your meal plan according to your needs, for example by favoring carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch, while proteins and vegetables in the evening, with fruit-based snacks.

Drink more water

To facilitate the processes of purification and drainage of excess liquids it is important to drink at least a liter and a half of water. The health benefits given by the right amount of water are many: correct hydration improves the performance of vital functions and the whole body will benefit, both inside and out.

Drinking water in small sips throughout the day will make you feel more energetic and lighter, but also brighter and purified.

Reduce your sodium intake

One of the worst enemies for our body is sodium, if used excessively: not only does it counteract the absorption of some substances, but it retains water causing swelling, water retention and cellulite. Reducing the sodium intake in the diet is also important for those suffering from high blood pressure, to preserve correct cardiovascular function.

Always eat breakfast

The main rule to follow, recommended by all nutritionists, is to have a healthy breakfast when you wake up. Eating fibers, vitamins and lean proteins in the morning reactivates the body and gives a boost of energy to face the day. In addition, having a good breakfast prevents nervous hunger attacks during the day.

Walk in the morning

So is it true that you can lose weight by walking? Surely walking is a very useful tool for those who seek not only to lose weight, but to protect their psycho-physical well-being. Walking in the morning means offering the body a slow but effective muscle awakening to prepare the muscles to face the day ahead. And what better activity than the simple and free one of walking. Goal ten thousand steps a day: how to achieve it and why. Doing it in the morning on an empty stomach will amplify the slimming effect. The ideal is to walk at least 40 minutes , every morning, regularly. Set your alarm early and try to keep this commitment: you will soon feel the benefits.

Eat wholegrain

Eliminating carbohydrates is not the right approach for a balanced and healthy diet: our body needs energy, so carbohydrates must be part of the daily menu. To promote a greater intake of fiber, give a greater sense of satiety, balance intestinal functioning and control blood sugar, it is advisable to replace whole grains with refined ones.

Add vegetables to every meal

To increase the intake of fibre, vitamins and minerals, always add a portion of cooked or raw vegetables to the meal. Vegetables allow you to absorb less sugar and fat and, if eaten before the main meal, give a sense of satiety and fill the sense of hunger.

In addition, vegetables provide you with a fundamental contribution of healthy nutritional properties.

Treat yourself to extra-dark chocolate

A recent study has demonstrated the slimming properties of extra-dark chocolate. It is a greedy diet aid which, in addition to affecting weight loss, also has a mood stabilizing action, thanks to the presence of magnesium and gives a positive charge and energy.

Add spices to your dishes

In recent times, much emphasis has been placed on spices, not only to flavor foods and replace the excessive use of salt, but also for their slimming and healthy properties. Turmeric, for example, helps burn fat, cumin and cardamom stimulate the metabolism and help intestinal processes by reducing abdominal swelling.

Sleep more and better

Last but not least advice is to ensure optimal rest for the body. Sleeping well not only has a positive effect on your lifestyle, but also helps you lose weight. Science confirms it: sleeping little and badly makes you fat as it stimulates an overproduction of hormones responsible for the sense of hunger, increasing appetite as well as the accumulation of visceral fat.

How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

Plank diet, 9 kilos less in 2 weeks

For some time now, the Plank diet has been very popular, another frontier of high-protein regimes for losing weight quickly and astoundingly, as it even promises to lose up to 9 kilos in just two weeks! Those who have tried it confirm that the Plank diet works and this diet thus joins the most popular diets in recent years, the Dukan diet, the Atkins diet and the zone diet.

A fundamental and never obvious premise before making a choice that contemplates changing our diet is to consult a doctor and rely on the opinion of an expert nutritionist or dietician.

How does it work

The promised results are certain because the diet, strict in the first few days, almost completely eliminates carbohydrates and fibers, focusing heavily on proteins and coffee, which are used to give you energy. Ancestor of the old high-protein diet, it was born a few years ago to help diabetic patients lose weight and is effectively a regimen that changes the metabolism and undoubtedly causes rapid weight loss.

Some nutritionists advise against it as it is completely unbalanced, not providing fruit and vegetables – the basis of a healthy and correct diet – and warn not to continue beyond two weeks to avoid imbalances and damage to health.

What do you eat in the original Plank diet

Mainly animal proteins (especially red meat steaks), ham and many eggs, once only boiled fish and grilled chicken.

The only allowed cheese is the Swiss type, as it is low in fat and rich in protein, while the vegetables are limited to lettuce , spinach, tomatoes and carrots. The advantage is that the quantities are not weighed (apart from the eggs which are indicated by number) so abound with low-calorie side dishes and limit the condiments.

Plank diet: and results

In order for it to work, make sure you don’t subject your body to unnecessary sacrifices, or stick scrupulously to the doses and types of food indicated: a steak is equivalent to a red meat steak, even medium-large if you prefer, but certainly not a hamburger. Boiled or hard – boiled eggs cannot be fried or baked like omelettes or even replaced by similar foods for those suffering from high cholesterol.

Salad dressings are limited to a few drizzles of extra virgin olive oil and drops of lemon, avoid salt and sauces. Sugar is banned from the diet, coffee should be drunk bitter even if you are not used to it. If you are really intending to lose weight and follow this regimen, do not improvise a modified Plank diet because you could be disappointed and not achieve the goal you set for yourself.

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