March 27, 2023

Louisiana is a beautiful state with plenty of rural and coastal spots. It is also a place with many job opportunities. In fact, it houses a number of well-paying jobs for people who have studied the right fields, have the right degree, and have the necessary skills.

Louisiana has a workforce of over one million people, making it one of the largest in the United States. Millions of businesses have set up shop in Louisiana. Therefore, there is no shortage of job prospects.

If you live in Louisiana or are thinking of moving to this amazing state, check out these six best-paying jobs in Louisiana!

What is the minimum wage for workers in Louisiana?

The state minimum wage in Louisiana is $7.25 an hour. This matches the current federal minimum wage rate.

The minimum wage applies to most Louisiana employees, with some exclusions such as tipped employees, some student workers, and some exempt occupations.

Louisiana’s minimum wage was last raised by $0.70, from $6.55 to $7.25, in 2008. Because Louisiana does not have a state minimum wage law, the federal minimum wage of $7.25 and the right of labor as defined in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Benefits of working in Louisiana

Life Insurance

Prudential Life Insurance Company provides life insurance through the Office of Group Benefits. Employees can choose between Basic and Basic Plus supplementary coverage.

Basic coverage provides the employee with $5,000 coverage. The Basic Plus supplemental plan offers one-and-a-half times annual earnings of up to $50,000. For qualifying dependents, Dependent Term Life insurance is also available.


Except for those exempt by state law, all state employees whose employment agency is a LASERS participant are generally required to join the Los Angeles State Employee Retirement System (LASERS). A qualified defined benefit pension and retirement plan is what this retirement plan is all about.

Additional benefits

Employees can choose from various supplemental plans for dental, eye, oncology, accident, life, hospital and other benefits. Each provider makes these plans available separately, with premiums paid by paycheck deduction.


Most employees are compensated on statutory holidays and any other holidays declared by the governor. Legal holidays include the following:

  • New Year’s
  • Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
  • Shrove Tuesday
  • Good Friday
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day Housewarming Party (every four years – Baton Rouge only)
  • General Election Day (every two years)
  • Veterans day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

15 highest paying jobs in Louisiana

Family Practitioner

Doctors familiar custom treat patients of all ages. These generalists manage chronic illnesses, evaluate symptoms, provide preventative care, and advise patients when they should see a specialist.

Family doctors often work in private practices or in teams with other family doctors. They also work in hospitals and community medical clinics.

Many family physicians serve underserved communities with few community resources and high levels of illiteracy and poverty.

Family physicians in Louisiana earn approximately $195,062 annually. This makes household professionals one of the highest paying jobs in Louisiana.

Doctors of General Internal Medicine

Internal medicine physicians are sometimes referred to as internists. Internal medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on the treatment of adults and places an emphasis on using the most advanced medical science possible when caring for patients in the context of caring and meaningful doctor-patient relationships.

They use scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose, treat and care for adults with conditions ranging from health to complex disease. They earn an average salary of approximately $187,320. This makes them one of the highest paid employees in Louisiana.

Nurse anesthesiologists

They use scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose, treat and care for adults with conditions ranging from health to complex disease. I am one of the highest paid employees in Louisiana, with an average annual salary of approximately $168,450.


A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the care of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. Pediatric treatment begins at birth and continues until a child is age 21 or older.

Pediatricians prevent, detect, and treat children’s physical, behavioral, and developmental problems. Some pediatricians practice general practice.

Others focus on treating young people with specific medical problems. Pediatricians undergo extensive education and training.

They must undergo at least nine years of training. Pediatrician is one of the top ten highest paying jobs in Louisiana. They earn an average annual salary of approximately $163,700.

Architecture and Engineering executives

An architecture and engineering manager usually manages a construction and renovation project.

They develop comprehensive technical plans, manage staff and resources, and communicate with the team and customers.

They apply their technical expertise and experience to ensure that plans, materials and techniques are technologically appropriate.

Architecture and engineering managers also ensure that projects follow applicable codes and meet projected budgets and timelines. An architecture and engineering manager is comparable to an architecture and engineering project manager, with some minor variations.

While a project manager may oversee specific projects or contracts, an architecture and engineering manager typically has a broader focus, managing staff development and client connections for a firm over time.

They have one of the highest paying jobs in Louisiana, with an average salary of approximately $162,060.


An optometrist is a medical specialist who specializes in primary vision care. They are not doctors, but they are licensed to practice optometry, which includes performing eye exams, prescribing contact lenses and eyeglasses, detecting abnormalities in the eye, and treating specific eye disorders.

Optometrists complete four years of optometry school and earn a doctorate of optometry (OD). Once licensed, an optometrist may choose to pursue specialist fellowship or additional clinical training.

Optometrists have one of the top ten highest paying jobs in Louisiana. They earn an average salary of approximately $153,875 per year.


Pharmacists are healthcare specialists who specialize in the proper use, storage, storage and distribution of medicines.

They can advise you on taking drugs and warn you about potential side effects. They fill prescriptions from doctors and other health professionals.

Pharmacists also help with drug research and testing. They work in pharmacies, medical clinics, hospitals, universities and government agencies.

Pharmacists have one of the highest paying jobs in Louisiana. They have an average annual salary of approximately $119,120 annually.


Dentists with an average salary of approximately $170,000 are one of the highest paid employees in Louisiana.

Too many people assume they should only see a dentist if they are in pain or suspect something is wrong, but they lack the bigger picture.

A dental visit involves evaluating an oral health professional who can identify and treat conditions ranging from routine to extremely complex.

The American Dental Association believes that a better understanding of dentists’ extensive academic and clinical training, their role in providing oral health care, and most importantly, the extent to which dental disease is almost entirely preventable is critical to ensuring more Americans enjoy of the lifelong benefits of good oral health.

Petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineers, with a median annual salary of approximately $128,730, are among the top ten highest paid employees in Louisiana. Petroleum engineers assist in the discovery of oil and gas for the energy needs of the country.

Petroleum engineers design and develop ways to obtain oil and gas from underground resources. Petroleum engineers develop new ways to extract oil and gas from older wells.

Chemical engineers

Chemical engineering deals with the creation and production of objects through chemical processes.

The design of equipment, methods, and procedures for refining raw materials and blending, compounding, and processing chemicals fall into this category.

Chemical engineers translate laboratory methods into practical applications for the production of commercial products and then strive to maintain and improve those processes.

They are based on the engineering foundations of arithmetic, physics and chemistry. Biology is also becoming increasingly essential.

Chemical engineers have one of the top ten highest paying jobs in Louisiana. They earn an average annual salary of approximately $127,850.

Web developers

A web developer is a coding specialist who produces web pages, websites and online apps for clients or employers.

They may work for a web design agency serving several clients or a single company, or operate as independent freelancers.

A web developer is proficient in coding, which creates the structure of a website, enabling them to design visually appealing websites with good user navigation. Web developers earn an average annual salary of approximately $119,620.

Aeronautical engineer

Aeronautical engineers have one of the highest paying jobs in Louisiana. Aeronautical engineers work on aircraft.

They are mainly involved in the design of aircraft and propulsion systems, as well as the study of aerodynamic performance of aircraft and building materials.

They study the science, technology and practice of flight within the Earth’s atmosphere.


Veterinarians care for small animals, livestock, birds, and zoo and laboratory animals. Small animal veterinarians, also known as “vets,” work primarily in private clinics.

Here they treat companion animals (pets) such as dogs, cats and birds. Some vets will treat exotic pets such as ferrets, snakes and lizards.

They diagnose ailments and perform various medical procedures in the office, including chiropractic care. Veterinarians, with an average salary of about $100,150, have one of the highest paying jobs in Louisiana.


With an average annual salary of approximately $96,680, psychiatrists have one of the highest paying jobs in Louisiana. A psychiatrist is a medical specialist who specializes in mental health, especially substance use disorders (MDs or DOs). Psychiatrists are well trained to evaluate the mental and physical components of psychological problems.

People seek psychiatric care for a variety of reasons.

A panic attack, frightening hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, or hearing “voices” are examples of sudden problems.

Or they could be more long-term, such as emotions of hopelessness, hopelessness, or anxiety that never seem to go away, or difficulties functioning, which make daily life seem skewed or out of control.

Emergency medicine specialist

Emergency medicine specialists, sometimes called emergency room physicians, specialize in emergency care.

They can diagnose and treat a wide range of medical emergencies and refer patients to other health professionals for further treatment.

Emergency medicine physicians may further specialize in a field of medicine, such as sports medicine, or they may treat only children (pediatric emergency medicine specialists).

Emergency medicine physicians have one of the highest paying jobs in Louisiana. They earn an average annual salary of approx. $138,191.

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