March 27, 2023

If you are a man, you are probably associating the term romance with some clichés such as: giving flowers, giving a box of chocolates, opening the car door and so on; while, if you’re a girl or a woman, you’re probably thinking of gestures like leaving your him a note that says “I love you” or wearing a little girl’s bag as if you needed his protection.

Romance is anything but, and it definitely takes a lot more effort! We can, in some ways, define it as the manifestation of that particular feeling we feel towards that person special to us. Read down below and find out how to be more romantic.

How to be romantic with your girlfriend

Be yourself

As we have already mentioned above, everyone is romantic in their own way. If you launch yourself into romantic gestures that don’t belong to you, it’s unlikely you’ll get a positive result. Let’s try to understand this a little better with the help of some examples. If you are the mild-mannered and reserved type, your declaration of love in front of relatives or friends will hardly be appreciated by your girlfriend. In fact, you’d probably leave her shocked! If you just open cans of tuna and you don’t even know how to boil water for pasta, preparing her a romantic dinner at home doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Make your woman feel positive emotions

Following what are her and your inclinations, an excellent romantic idea is to organize something special for your her that can make her feel new positive emotions. She tries to create a unique experience, something that will remain forever in your memories as a couple. If possible, don’t give her any notice, so as to take advantage of the surprise effect! You could organize a sailing tour; you could take her to an exclusive concert; obviously, these are just a couple of examples to give you a rough idea of ​​what you can do. The important aspect is the arousing of positive emotions and sensations; this is important, because women have a much stronger emotional side than men.

Create moments of intimacy

It is useless to get around it, between two adults the maximum romance can be reached by touching the right keys in the intimacy of the sexual sphere! In this area the possibilities, as well as the tastes, are practically endless. Have you ever thought about preparing her a relaxing hot bath? Put on some low volume music, some scented candles, a bottle of bubbly and, above all, keep her company in the bath!

If you don’t like it as an idea, it’s not very difficult to think of something else on the same wavelength. For one thing, you could buy a sexy toy to use together.

Take her to non-traditional places

There’s no better way to be romantic than taking her to non-traditional places when it comes to dating. And that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune every time you date her.

In fact, taking it to non-traditional places absolutely does not mean taking it to a super-expensive restaurant just to make a good impression, or taking it to Gucci to spend some money. Indeed, in reality, an averagely intelligent woman, when she sees that you are trying to impress her, literally turns off the interest in you as she believes that you are an unreliable person as well as extremely insecure.

Take initiative

One of the things women love is men who know how to take initiative. Nowadays, unfortunately, this is a rare commodity. Many men are afraid – literally – to make decisions.

They fear that a woman will remain dissatisfied, which is precisely why they avoid making decisions when it comes to making decisions about anything, whether it’s going out on a Saturday night, or where to go on vacation. In reality, women love men who know how to make decisions and therefore make decisions for her as well.

Don’t forget the anniversaries

Another way to be romantic is to never forget the anniversaries. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, name day, or graduation day, never forget anniversaries and always be ready on these occasions. For example, if it’s her birthday, go to the house at midnight to wish her well, even if you’re not together yet, and even if she says she’s not interested.

Surprise her during anniversaries, and do it without warning. In reality, remembering anniversaries is easier than you think, just put a note on your calendar notifying you of the anniversary.

Trust her and avoid jealousy

We’ve talked about jealousy over and over again. Jealousy is a behavioral trait typical of insecure men, and there is nothing more anti-romantic than a jealous and insecure man. Rather, trust her, and do it genuinely. Don’t restrict her, don’t check her cell phone, and don’t doubt her.

Conversely, a man who trusts a woman is what women look for. Eliminate your insecurity, and set it free. If she wants to cheat on you, she’ll do it either way, whether you control her or not. In fact, there’s more risk of her cheating on you when she’s in a toxic relationship made up of your jealousy and insecurities.

How to be romantic with your boyfriend

Give him an object related to his passion

At first, this suggestion of ours might seem a little unrelated to romance, but trust me, it’s not at all. Virtually all people have a hobby, your he could have a passion for motorcycles, cars or the gym. It doesn’t matter exactly what his interests are; what we are advising you is to give him a small gift linked to a passion of him to enter “his world of him”. First of all, with this gesture you recognize that his passions are important to you and that you fully approve of them, and you will also make him feel appreciated and accepted.

Say a few sweet words to him, but don’t overdo it

Girls often underestimate the importance of saying a few sweet words to your man. Even for boys to hear a few sweet words is pleasant and rewarding. You could remind him how much he means to you, how good he looks with his new haircut, or you could sincerely compliment him on his professional accomplishments; the important thing is that you don’t overdo it! Men usually like this kind of behavior, but only when it’s not too close in time. That is, if you start complimenting him every day, you will get the opposite effect of romance. You run the risk of becoming clingy and stressful; In short, you go on to get the opposite result!

Massage and other bedroom games

Even for boys, just as we have seen previously for girls, the maximum of romance is reached in the bedroom! So, let your imagination run wild.

A nice massage, even for just ten minutes, on the shoulders or neck can be definitely appreciated by your him and can kick off a quick escalation…

Another romantic idea can be to show up in the bedroom with a sexy dress or with a particular underwear, wear something that will leave him breathless! The fact that you are the one to propose will make him very happy.

Maintain independence

At the start of the relationship, as well as for years as a couple, it is necessary to maintain your independence. Romanticism is not about being in love all your life with your Jules, spending every second of your life in the company of your darling. It will get boring after a while. It is necessary not to break with one’s own daily life, to live experiences without the presence of Mr., to have personal occupations and to go about them daily. Of course, nothing prevents you from choosing random or planned days to have a good time only with sir!

Break with the routine

Routine kills a lot of romantic relationships. When the excitement of a beginning of relationship passes, it becomes much more difficult to maintain the flame so that it shines like at the beginning. It’s important to get out of your daily routine once in a while. Make new experiences with your darling. Maybe try some new sex positions in bed. Travel to the end of the world if you can afford it, or simply to places you are not used to going. And above all, be spontaneous! Do you often plan when you have sex? Well, surprise him on a nice unplanned day by showing him that you still want him like you did at the start. Do things that will make him happy whenhe will least expect it. Surprise him!

Prioritize physical contact

Physical contact is very important. It will consolidate your links as long as there are any. Give your darling a massage when he comes home exhausted from a long day at work. Pass him, as often as you have the opportunity, the hand in the hair. Hold it by the hand when you go shopping together or during your romantic outings. Prefer languorous kisses to little pecks on the cheek in the mornings.

Build romantic memories together

The first photo you took together, those of your first romantic Christmas or your first trip together, are all romantic memories. Feel free to take them out on a Sunday one-on-one. Sir will remember with pleasure your good memories together. Watch Netflix movies one-on-one one night when you have the chance. This will rekindle the flame for a long time.

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