March 27, 2023

The sports universe is infinite. However we want to let everyone know the beauty of sport through its best, strongest champions through information, photos and archive videos. As we publish the work already done, we will gradually try to add the greatest athletes, professionals and players in new collective and individual disciplines in order to have as many sports represented as possible.

Who is the greatest athlete of all time? Here is a list of the most iconic and famous known sportsmen and women in sports history. This list brings together in the same ranking sports stars, men and women from all professional leagues such as athletics, football, boxing, basketball, as well as amateur athletes who have never competed in the professional world.

Famous athletes

Ozzie Smith

Who doesn’t remember their back flips when entering the field? In gymnastics, it is a basic asset. Not in baseball. But Ozzie “The Wizard” was just as spectacular once the match started. At shortstop – four years with the San Diego Padres, then 15 with the St. Louis Cards – Smith was a real octopus. He also got his hands on 13 golden gloves. Thirteen. Consecutive. From 1980 to 1992. A phenomenon.

Michael Phelps

Not the most exciting out of the pools, a priori. But in the water… In four Olympic Games, 28 medals, including 23 gold. Each of his races was an event. Impossible to get bored when the American occupied one of the corridors. Besides, his lunches were as spectacular as his performances: three egg sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise, two cups of coffee, an omelette made up of five eggs, a bowl of cereal, three toast sprinkled with sugar, three chocolate pancakes. Four thousand calories. Double the amount recommended for a man… for an entire day.

Connor McDavid

He is only 23 years old. But we already know that the video of his best career games will be very, very long to edit. Amazing acceleration, yes. We have seen others. But having hand speed, control in tune with those out-of-this-world pushes, well, that gives plays that only he can accomplish on a rink. Wink here to Pavel Bure. But we are limited to 10 choices…

John McEnroe

The year he beat Björn Borg in the Wimbledon and US Open finals, I was about to walk to school, a few blocks from home. But what I saw really hooked me. A single player. But the style and, above all, the character – appalling – that came with it! A winner of seven Grand Slams, who was first in the world in singles and doubles. Another nod, to Jimmy Connors this time. We opted for the less detestable of the two.

Steve Nash

From McEnroe to Nash, yes, we go from one extreme to the other in terms of patter. The basketball player still has his aura, but much more taciturn. Anyway, in his case, nothing to do with personality. It is the ferryman who interests us. We often hear golf commentators say that it takes a lot of imagination to consider this or that shot. It is this same characteristic that we remember when we think back to the career of the Canadian leader: imagination. An inhuman vision of the game that led to passes that no one else would even have thought of. A genius.

Barry Sanders

How could a human body move like that? Twenty years later, it’s still a mystery. Inconceivable changes of direction, moreover rooted in a reading of the game, a decision-making that must be done in a fraction of a second. Unimaginable. Only downside, his game lent itself better to the synthetic surface. So on the turf of Lambeau Field, in cold weather, he rarely gave his full potential against the Packers of (despicable) Brett Favre. How frustrating!

Roy Jones Jr.

A boxer doubled as a clown. But not in a bad way, of course. Not an impostor. Grimaces, hands behind his back, reels from the right, and what more. Jones was having fun in a ring. In his prime, it was simply impossible for the opponent to look good against him. Jones was too fast, too efficient, too talented. From another planet. And not only was the opponent unable to compete in boxing, he invariably looked dull at the champion’s antics. Yes, I know, I know, Muhammad Ali… A little indulgence, please. Put it down to my age, okay?

Diego Maradona

Like many Quebecers of my generation, my interest in soccer grew over time. When I was young, I played it, but I didn’t like watching it. A hockey nation, right? But there was one exception: Maradona. This epic rise of the Argentine 10 against the English, in the 1986 World Cup, I watched it over and over again, over several years. And his life off the pitch, as we know, was no less spectacular. Diego is no more. He is irreplaceable.

Michael Jordan

MJ was robbed of the throne of our list in extremis. You will understand by reading number 1. But it does not demerit for all that. One thing struck us while watching The Last Dance: even 30 years later, Jordan’s game remains just as impressive. The same cannot be said, for example, of the hockey greats of the 1980s and 1990s. The Bulls superstar’s fake skills stand out even when compared to today’s basketball. The Netflix series introduced us to a certain, shall we say, slightly unpleasant side of the character. But what an athlete.

Usain Bolt

If there is a sporting event during which the Earth stops rotating, it is the Olympic 100m. So how can you not put your undisputed king first? Especially since he has the manner. His legendary victory posture, known to all. And the way on the track too. The real show begins the moment it is fully “unfolded”. The seconds that follow defy all logic. His 9.58 seconds over 100m is not one of those records that are said to be unbeatable. He will be beaten one day. But by an athlete with so much presence?

Richest athletes in the world

Lionel Messi

Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the history of football. He is the very first player to have won the Ballon d’Or five times. The Argentine has been the most prestigious player in the Barcelona squad since 2008. He has put in spectacular performances for Barcelona, ​​but also for Argentina. Aged 34, this talented player has already scored 758 goals in 952 games. Messi is definitely one of the greatest footballers of all time. Lionel Messi’s annual salary is in the tens of millions of dollars. Also, the multiple collaborations with sponsors allowed him to amass a colossal fortune. Lionel Messi’s fortune is valued at $400 million. He is now one of the 10 highest paid footballers in the world.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer, a Swiss national, is one of the best tennis players in history. During his career, Federer has earned over $100 million in tournament winnings. At just 19, he stunned crowds by dominating champion Pete Sampras during his stint at Wimbledon in 2001. With an unequaled record of 20 titles in Grand Slam tournaments, he is still as successful in competitions at the highest level, despite his 40 years. He won the 2018 Australian Open at age 36, following his breakout season in 2017 where he won Wimbledon and the Australian Open. Roger Federer makes considerable profits through his many partnerships with sponsors such as Nike and the Gillette brand. Federer recently signed a very big partnership for a few hundred million dollars with the Uniqlo brand. Roger Federer’s fortune exceeds 450 million dollars.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, of Portuguese nationality, is one of the best scorers of all time. He is one of the highest paid footballers in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid for the exceptional sum of 94 million euros. After spending time with Juventus in Turin, he recently made his comeback to Manchester United. He achieved breathtaking feats during his time at Real Madrid. In 438 games, Ronaldo scored 450 goals. In the last four years at Real Madrid, he has made the difference in all three Champions League wins. With more than $450 million, Ronaldo today tops our ranking of the richest footballers in the world in 2022.

Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach is a former American football player who played as a quarterback. He was one of the best players on the Dallas Cowboys team. With this team, he won the Super Bowls several times. Roger Staubach is an excellent passer capable of showing prowess in the game, both avoiding defenders and executing many unpredictable passes. American football is one of the most popular sports in America. The best players are therefore particularly well paid. Roger Staubach’s fortune, valued at $600 million, makes him one of the richest sportsmen in the world.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson, an American national, is one of the best basketball players of all time. Magic Johnson was one of the best basketball players in Lakers history. He had an incredible view of the game and had surprising and often unsuspected passes. With an average of 11.2 per game, he has the best average of assists per game. Magic Johnson won 5 NBA titles with the Lakers. He has earned over $20 million in salary throughout his playing career. Moreover, he has generated a lot of money thanks to his sponsors. Once retired, he founded Magic Johnson Enterprises, which is now valued at several hundred million dollars. This allows him to enter the top 10 richest athletes in the world. His total fortune is valued at $600 million.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher, of German nationality, is one of the best Formula 1 drivers in history. He won seven world championship titles and 91 Formula 1 Grand Prix victories. turns out to be false. Although his fortune has slightly decreased in recent years, he is still among the top 10 richest sportsmen in the world. In the last years of his career, Schumacher received a salary of tens of millions of dollars. In addition, the multiple contracts signed with sponsors will allow him to build up an unprecedented fortune in Formula 1. Michael Schumacher’s fortune exceeds 700 million dollars.

Floyd Mayweather

Former professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather achieved an incredible record of 50 wins and 0 losses. He is one of the best boxers in the world. It is said of him that he is also the best defensive boxer in history. Mayweather recently won a considerable amount of money after his victory against Conor McGregor. In 2017, having ended his career in 2015, Floyd won $200 million for his fight against Conor McGregor, one of the best fighters in the UFC. The Fight of the Century has been one of the most popular and watched sporting events in the world. Mayweather was able to roll with the punches and defeated McGregor in the final round. This final fight earned Floyd to reach 50 victories. With a fortune of 800 million, he became one of the richest sportsmen in the world.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, an American national, is one of the best golfers in history. During his brilliant professional career, he earned over a billion dollars. Tiger Woods was one of the first sportsmen to become billionaires. At the age of 43, he succeeded in obtaining a 5th Masters and 15th major title of his career. Woods is the greatest golfer of all time, both by track record and by dominating his main opponents. Tiger Woods has built his fortune in large part through partnerships with big names such as Nike. But, he has also won over $100 million in tournament winnings.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history. He impressed the public from his debut in the NBA. He averaged 28.2 points per game in the first season. Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA championship titles during the 90s. In addition, he has also gained great fame thanks to the many products to which he lends his image, such as the famous Air Jordan shoes from Nike. Such contracts have allowed him to build a fortune that few athletes are able to achieve. In 2010, after having been president some time before, Michael Jordan decided to buy the Charlotte Hornets team. In 2022, his personal fortune stands at $2.2 billion, making Michael Jordan the richest sportsman of all time.

Greatest athletes of all time


Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pélé, was a footballer with impressive physical and technical skills. Many do not know that he had to play as a goalkeeper. In addition to being considered by many to be THE player of all time, he holds an eloquent number of records, some of which remain unequaled to this day. It is impossible to list the greatest football champions without mentioning his name.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt’s first coaches had detected his strong abilities for the 400 meters very early on. Despite this, it was in the 200 meters that he stood out in 2002. He was under sixteen (16) years old and won the world championship among juniors. He took part in his first Olympic competition in 2004, but failed to make it past the first rounds.

Muhammad Ali

We remember his famous phrase “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. Died in 2016, Muhammad Ali was in the heavyweight category. He is recognized as the greatest champion in boxing or, more modestly, as one of the most prestigious boxers of all time. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, this legendary competitor was also recognized for his subversive and provocative side which he manifested even in the ring.

Roger Federer

Having won the 2018 Australian internationals at the age of 36 after spending a top-flight season is what makes Roger Federer a reference in the field of tennis. His impressive list of twenty Grand Slam titles is further proof of this. He was always a few points ahead when it came to winning the most prestigious tournaments. It all started when he won at just 19 years old against the legendary Pete Sampras at Wimbledon in 2001. There followed a rise that very rarely began the downward curve. Until the age of 37, he continued to compete and win accolades at the highest levels.

David Douillet

David Douillet is nothing less than one of the most successful French judokas of all time. He has a track record that commands respect when you know that he played in heavyweight, the most massive category in judo. Young David was only 11 years old when he took up this very technical martial art. Endowed with exceptional physical qualities, he will leave his mark on judo at various levels. He won his first title of senior French champion in 1991 by winning against Georges Mathonnet, his senior by two years. He becomes the first Frenchman to be crowned world champion in the heavy category when he was only 24 years old. The following year, he won the European championship in the same category cumulatively with the title of European champion by national teams. Just like in the dojos, David Douillet was very successful as a politician and businessman. His performances combined with the charitable actions he leads have made him the favorite personality of the French on several occasions.

Lisa Leslie

Winning the game of basketball, a sport long considered the preserve of men, is the feat achieved by Lisa Leslie. She is the very first player in the history of basketball to have won four consecutive Olympic titles in this discipline between 1996 and 2004. Lisa Leslie is also a two-time world champion with Team USA and a two-time Women’s National Basketball Association champion. She obtained this last title under the banner of the Los Angeles Sparks. Voted best player in the WNBA three times, she added another feat to her list in 2002 by masterfully performing the first WNBA dunk. She is one of the few female basketball players to be included in the Basketball Hall of Fame’s Women’s Inner Circle. She retired from the WNBA in 2009. During their rich careers, each of the famous competitors mentioned above has excelled in their discipline to the point of becoming a benchmark. But beyond performance and results, it is the values ​​of determination and surpassing that they conveyed through their sport that ensure the sustainability of their reputation.

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