March 27, 2023

There is probably no other city in the world that is so famous for its myths and legends. Mushroom city that has grown in the middle of the desert, temple of bling-bling and grandiose shows, city of sin where sex and lust are never far away, world capital of casinos and slot machines, metropolis with huge hotels that are sometimes kitsch and tacky, sometimes fabulous and unforgettable… Las Vegas is a multi-faceted city.

A stopover town on the road to the great national parks of the American West, it is unthinkable to hope to apprehend it in one or two days. She is at the same time beautiful, shocking, sad and brilliant. We love it or we hate it, but one thing is certain: visiting Las Vegas will not leave you indifferent!

Fun things to do in Las Vegas

National Atomic Testing Museum

Once you’ve settled into your hotel and checked out the major casinos and arcades, it’s time to see what else Vegas has to offer. And visiting Las Vegas can be devilishly surprising!

The National Atomic Testing Museum is both fascinating and frightening. Through a beautiful museography, it explores and documents the nuclear tests that were tested in the Nevada desert, north of Las Vegas. From the 1950s to the present day, there is a slight smell of the Cold War, plutonium and bombs with infinite destructive capabilities.

The Mafia Museum

If you like museums, the Mob Museum, or Mafia Museum, is really interesting as it depicts the controversial relationship between organized crime and law enforcement in the historical context of Las Vegas and all of the states. -United.

And if you love museums, consider heading to the Neon Museum as well as the Las Vegas Museum of Natural History and the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum if you’re bringing your kids.

CSI The Experience

If you like the series CSI, then this experience is made for you! Imagine a game-show in which you solve the puzzles of one of the three crime scenes in place of the team. Immersed in a multi-sensory scene with special effects and shock reconstruction, it’s time to put your observation skills to the test!

Mandalay Bay Beach

All hotels usually have a swimming pool. It must be said that the temperature of Las Vegas can quickly become stifling. So what better than to dive into the water to cool off and have fun? But here too, Las Vegas does nothing like everyone else.

One of the most entertaining pools is undoubtedly that of Mandalay Bay , with its giant wave triggered at regular intervals, its fake sand beach and its magic river.

Stratosphere Tower

For those looking for strong emotions, it is on the side of the Stratosphere Tower that you will have to turn. This tall tower, north of the Strip, offers a 360 degree view of Las Vegas, but also offers a series of attractions to book for the bravest with a strong heart. Who said visiting Las Vegas was only for the casinos?

Attend a show or musical

It’s hard not to mention the many concerts, shows, magic shows or Cirque du Soleil performances that take place daily in the city. Other shows also exist.

Grand Canyon

The first place to see, and the largest of them, is the Grand Canyon, which you can fly over from Las Vegas, or overlook from the famous SkyWalk. We really have the feeling of walking in a vacuum. This very lucrative attraction also makes it possible to apprehend the immensity of the famous canyon.

Hoover Dam

Finally, 45 minutes from the center of Vegas, it is the no less famous Hoover Dam (which we see in various films) which welcomes a million tourists a year. Built in the 1930s to regulate the course of the Colorado and produce electricity, its construction was a real tour de force for its time.

The impoundment has allowed the creation of Lake Mead, which is also a vast nautical and tourist area to explore, despite the many ongoing ecological questions and controversies.

Death Valley

A two-hour drive from Las Vegas, Death Valley opens its doors to you. Behind this unattractive name actually hides one of the most beautiful American national parks, located in California.

By leaving very early in the morning to avoid the crowds and the great heat, the round trip is done without problem during the day. If you try the experience in summer, everyone take precautions, as temperatures can reach 50 degrees.

Hotels & casinos

As much as it may seem surprising to visit hotels, in Las Vegas they are part of the essential visits. All those that border the Strip – the name of the main avenue around which all the major tourist centers gravitate – are unique in their own right by their style, their architecture and the multiple leisure activities they offer.

These are not only hotels, but also places to live, from which some visitors never leave and go on card games, evenings at the bar, slot machines or relaxing treatments at the spa and pool. Impossible to be truly exhaustive, given the number of hotel-casinos, but some are still more striking than others.

Luxor Hotel & Casino

Starting from the south, the first that jumps out is the Luxor, built in 1993 on the theme of Ancient Egypt. 4400 rooms on the 30 floors of the pyramid and the outer towers added in 2001. It is the fourth largest hotel in the world.

The Excalibur Hotel

Next door, the Excalibur hotel was the largest in the world when it opened in 1990. On the medieval theme of King Arthur, its typical decor of a colorful castle inspires many families who come there.

Get on the High Roller

Culminating at 167 meters in height, the High Roller offers, without a doubt, one of the most impressive views of the Strip and much of Las Vegas. It takes about 30 minutes for each of the 28 nacelles to make a complete turn. They can accommodate up to 40 people each and, for a supplement on the price of the classic ticket, a personal bartender can join you. If you indulge in the experience, remember to go to the toilet before boarding, as there is none inside.

Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon

A stay in Las Vegas represents the opportunity to treat yourself to a helicopter flight over the famous Grand Canyon and its surroundings. This excursion is usually organized in the morning so that you can enjoy the best possible panorama of this wonder of nature. In addition to the Grand Canyon, this flight lets you admire other iconic sites from the air, including the Hoover Dam, the Mojave Desert, Lake Mead and, of course, the legendary Las Vegas Strip.

Start the day in the Arts District

Las Vegas is a city primarily focused on tourism, so it’s quite difficult to find something with real local flavor. The arts district (or “Arts District”) is one of them. Located around East Charleston Boulevard, close to the Las Vegas Freeway, it is a place that showcases the region’s theater and arts, with some works even coming out of independent galleries to be displayed on the street. It is one of the most colorful areas of the city, thanks in particular to its impressive frescoes which adorn many of the walls. Be sure to visit the Arts Factory, which has a whole range of restaurants and incomparable shops.

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