March 27, 2023

Who are the strongest strikers in history? Is it possible to find the best player in the world among them? The goal is the ultimate sublimation of the game of football, the goal of every team: finding a way to overcome the opposing goalkeeper means winning, beating the opponent, earning points, raising trophies. Much of this responsibility is certainly on the shoulders of the attackers, who however also gain fame: it is no coincidence that the strikers (or at least those who play closest to the goal) are often the idols of the little ones.

Football is one of the most famous sports in the world. In this sense, drawing up a ranking of the strongest strikers in the history of football is certainly no small feat. We have taken into consideration every type of attacking player: not only the central strikers, but also the second strikers and the attacking outsiders. Here are the famous fotball players in the world.

Lionel Messi

Among the strongest strikers in the world he certainly could not miss. Second place for the man who according to many is Maradona’s heir: Lionel Messi, six times winner of the Ballon d’Or, is often defined as the purest talent currently in business. With Barcelona he has won everything and scored an incredible number of goals, now he plays for PSG and also drags his national team (he recently scored 5 goals in a single game, against Estonia). For years he has been in close competition with Ronaldo to figure out who is the strongest player in the world : the Ballon d’Ors say Messi, other statistics to date say Ronaldo … the long-distance battle will probably last until they retire.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Let’s go back to the present day: in fourth place there is the phenomenal Manchester United striker: five times Golden Ball, winner of three consecutive Champions League (five in all), on the bulletin board there is also the European Championship won with Portugal in 2016. An extraordinary palmarès for an extraordinary player: below is one of his best goals, achieved when he wore the Manchester United shirt many years ago (which he has now returned to wear, with excellent results).


He is considered to be one of the best center forwards in history, thanks in particular to his formidable all-round game in opposing penalty areas. Second top scorer in the history of the Bundesliga behind the legend Gerd Müller, he earned over the seasons in Germany the nickname “LewanGOALski”, attributed by supporters and journalists.


What about this man who was considered the greatest of all time for many years and who, for some, is still considered the greatest of all time? Pelé was quite simply the best player of his generation, and there is no doubt about it: his goalscoring ability is very hard to match; his ability to pass and dribble; he was truly a complete player, even creating what we know today as the bicycle kick; he was smart on and off the pitch and always made the right move and always made the right decision, on and off the pitch.

Diego Maradona

Arguably the best player in the history of football and quite possibly the best player in the history of Argentina. We don’t think we need to tell you how great he was, just look at the goals he scored, especially against England. This goal will really show you how skilled this player was, not only for his national team, but also for Napoli and Barcelona, ​​leading those teams to numerous titles and leading Argentina to one of the two World Cups that she won.


What can we say about this man that most people don’t know? The Frenchman was simply amazing and as talented as any player of his era. His skills, passes and headers, which were on full display in the 1998 World Cup final, are truly astonishing. If it weren’t for Ronaldinho, he might have been considered the best dribbler and, more generally, the most skilled player of his generation. Not only was he a generational type talent, but his leadership was truly on display in 2006 when you led a France team that hadn’t won anything for nearly six years and were failing to get a consistent number of winds until he joined the team and led them to the final.

Johan Cruyff

The man who changed football forever. A player with that tiki taka style of football was truly fascinating to watch and observe, but it was his overall ability and overall play that was truly amazing: he could pass, he could dribble, he could shoot, he even created what we now call step over it really changed the way we play football, instead of just passing to the striker you rather keep the ball and wait for the right moment to kick which doesn’t had never been seen before. As a coach, he changed FC Barcelona forever and made it the club it is today.

Edouard Mendy

Édouard Mendy must have been living a dream for several months already. After his transfer to Chelsea, the Senegalese goalkeeper quickly entered a new dimension. He chained very high quality performances and won the Champions League. To top it off, Édouard Mendy has just won CAN 2021 with Senegal. He fully contributed to the first continental coronation of the Lions of Teranga. It is therefore difficult not to make the 29-year-old goalkeeper one of the 15 best elements on the planet.


The Brazilian in his prime what is arguably the best player of his generation his skills his ability to dribble through defenses we really are a once in a generation skill type. In his time he was considered the best or the second best player in the world and I Barcelona really shined and became one of the best players in the world. He was so good that words cannot describe his talent: his dribbling, passing and free-kicks were truly amazing and cannot be described by a single word.

Michael Platini

We have the Frenchman at number 10: his skill and general skill with the ball was unmatched in those days; his free kicks were so accurate and consistent and his passing ability was amazing. he remains the Euros top scorer of all time in a competition. Gianni Agnelli, the famous president of Juventus of Turin in the 70s and 80s, said of him, comparing him to Maradona, I prefer the artist (platini) to the tightrope walker (Maradona).

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