March 27, 2023

Do you struggle to find time for yourself? Do you feel like half your days are taken up with responsibilities and obligations, and the other half is spent looking after others? Are you looking for a fresh approach to life that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired rather than stressed out and exhausted?

If so, then this article is for you! This lifehack was originally created as a result of personal experience. About six months ago, I set my personal goal to be more active and spend more time outdoors. To date, I’ve hit nearly all of my goals—I work out three times per week, go on walks with my dog Stitch (and even managed to capture some Instagram worthy photos of myself doing it), and even joined a running group! But what I didn’t know is that by changing just one small thing in my everyday routine, I could change my whole life.

What do you need to get started?

To be successful in this lifehack, you’ll need to be goal-oriented and have a plan for how you’re going to reach your goals. It’s great to have a plan, but if you don’t have something to focus on, it will be very difficult to stay motivated. Here are a few things you’ll need to get started: A sense of humour: life is not a comedy, and finding the right balance between being serious and lighthearted is key. A sense of self-worth: you are more than what you do, and you deserve to be treated with respect. A passion for what you do: it’s not just about what you do, but why you do it. An ability to prioritise: it’s not just about what you do, but when you do it. An internet connection: the internet is a powerful tool, and it’s easy to spend way too much time on social media than necessary. Spending a few minutes every day reading emails, or watching funny videos on YouTube, can help you stay connected with reality.

How to make the most of your time: productive habits

In order to make the most of your time, you’ll need to adopt productive habits. These will help you stay focused and avoid wasting time doing things that don’t need to be done. They will also help you create a better work/life balance. Set a timer: setting a timer may sound silly, but it’s actually one of the most effective productivity hacks you can use. When you set a timer for a task, you’re actually blocking out the negative thoughts and feelings that are keeping you from getting it done. By interrupting your negative thoughts with a positive one, you can focus on your task at hand and complete it more effectively. Write it down: writing down your tasks will help you stay focused and avoid making “what if” thoughts. If you’re writing these tasks down on paper, you’re more likely to complete them. Use a digital calendar: this is perfect if you don’t have time to write your tasks down. You can use it to schedule recurring activities such as workout times, meetings, or even social events.

Get to know your tools: why activities don’t always have to be physical

Physical activities are important, of course, but there are times when it’s better to get your work done than walk around doing it. This is where the internet comes in. The internet is a tool, just like the gym or the park is a tool. You have to use it the right way: you have to find a routine that works for you, and you have to stick to it. You might need to spend a little time getting used to the routine, but once you do, you’ll be surprised how much better your internet browsing, emailing, and programming is when you do it that way.

Assign a purpose to your day: reflection is key

When you’re first starting out, you’ll likely spend the majority of your day looking towards the future. You’ll probably feel like a failure if you spend your day looking backwards instead of forwards. One of the best things you can do to improve your quality of life is to get your day-to-day routines under control. Reflection is a key part of this. Daily rituals for a happier life These are just a few ideas to get you started. The most important thing you can do is to try out these ideas for a week, and then see how it goes. If you find that you’re doing better with some of these ideas than others, you can use that as your guide to finding your own routine. Daily rituals for a happier life that work for you: 1. Exercise 2. Take a tasty snack 3. Meditate 4. Listen to music 5. Have a glass of wine 6. Read a book 7. Journal 8. Take a bath 9. Do something relaxing 10. Get a massage These are just a few ideas to get you started. The most important thing you can do is to try out these ideas for a week, and then see how it goes. If you find that you’re doing better with some of these ideas than others, you can use that as your guide to finding your own routine.

Daily rituals for a happier life:

Exercise Exercising can do so many things for your body and mind: it relaxes your mind, improves your memory, wakes you up, gives you energy, and gives you a great workout. There are so many benefits to exercise—and they’re all worth trying out!


This simple activity can help you clear your mind and get some much-needed downtime. It’s also a good idea to do this before you tackle a task that needs your full attention. Meditation can also be used as a way to clear your calendar, get things done, and de-stress you.

Listen to music

You’re probably familiar with the saying “music is my medication”—well, here’s a newsflash for you: music is also one of the best hacks you can use to increase your happiness levels. The control neurobiologists have over our minds is limited, so they’ve turned to music as a way to shape our perceptions and alter our moods. Music has the power to make you feel something—whether it’s happy, sad, or whatever your mood is, you can change the intensity of the sound to suit your needs.

Have a glass of wine

You might be a health freak who’s against the idea of alcohol, but there are a few reasons why you should try a glass of wine occasionally. It can help you relax, improve your concentration, and helps with digestion. You’re likely familiar with the “red wine makes me feel smart” phenomenon, but did you know that certain types of red wine have more antioxidants than others?

Read a book

You’re probably familiar with the saying “Reading is the most powerful combination of mind and mind-expanding experience”—well, you should probably try reading a book. Even a short story can open your mind to new ideas, and it can be done while you’re on the phone or working out.


As with any other creative endeavour, journaling can help you discover who you are and what you’re made of. It can help you process things throughly, and it can even be used as a therapy tool in its own right.

Take a bath

If you’re on a tight schedule, or if you’re dealing with major life issues, a bath might be the perfect thing to help you relax. It can also help get your mind off of things, and it can clean your whole body!

Do something relaxing

You’re probably familiar with the saying “When in doubt, relax,” but did you know that your bed can actually be an enemy to your happiness levels? Clamoring and dreaming are two very different things, and when you try to cram both of them into one bed, you will most likely be miserable. If you’re feeling a bit stuck, try putting your books in a basket, cuddling up

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