March 27, 2023

Your astrological sign corresponds to your sun sign, ie the position of the sun in front of one of the signs of the zodiac at the time of your birth. This sign represents your raw personality, your character, or even your self.

Your ascendant corresponds to the sign that rose in the east at the time of your birth. To calculate it, it is imperative to know your time of birth. The absence of this data can completely falsify the result because the ascendant changes approximately every 2 hours (this figure can vary a lot).

Just like your astrological sign, your ascendant influences your personality. It comes in addition to your astrological sign, being able to reinforce it, attenuate it or bring more subtle nuances to it.

What is astrology?

Astrology is a body of beliefs and practices based on the symbolic interpretation of supposed correspondences between celestial configurations (the position and movement of the planets of the solar system ) and human affairs, collective or individual. Astrology is now considered as a pseudoscience falling under quackery a belief unduly presented as scientific, or as a superstition. Astrology places itself, by its very method, outside the rational or scientific domain.

Many scientific works have rigorously dismantled all the beliefs associated with astrology. Thus, on the relationship between personality of individuals and date of birth, a study, based on two samples of 4,000 and 15,000 people respectively, published in 2006 and conducted by Peter Hartmann of the Department of Psychology at the University of Aarhus, concludes: “this large-scale study does not provide any evidence to support the existence of a relationship between date of birth and differences in personality and general intelligence.

What is the moon in today astrology?

Basically, the moon completes 28-day cycles around the earth each month. Every two and a half days, she changes her astrological sign. This means that it is aligned in the sky with the constellation that corresponds to a particular sign. When the moon finds itself in our main sign each month, we can feel particularly good and in our element. The moon therefore gives an effect to all according to the sign in which it is passing.

The Moon in Aries

We all feel energized and highly motivated. We want to start a new project, start a new sport, or tackle one of our goals on our “to do list”. On the other hand, if we do not channel all this energy into actions, we can become irritable and impulsive.

It’s a good time to start a short-term project because when the Aries boost leaves, the motivation also leaves us.

The Moon in Taurus

The moon brings a soft energy and when it is in the sign of Taurus it becomes all the more comforting. It’s a time when you want to take a good hot bath, rest and give yourself a little respect.

The Moon in Taurus also brings luck with material possessions, so it’s time to redecorate or shop online!

The Moon in Gemini

We feel the need to communicate and socialize when the moon is in Gemini. It also brings a light energy that makes us want everything to be simple and easy, but can also make us feel a little restless.

Use this energy to learn a new skill or read a book on a subject you are passionate about, now is the perfect time for that.

The Moon in Cancer

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, so when it passes by, it’s home! Therefore, since the moon feels good at home, we too find ourselves wanting to be good and safe at home.

It’s a time for a quiet evening to reflect and lean into our emotions as we feel introspective.

The Moon in Leo

When the moon finds itself in lion, we tend to feel more connected with the child who sleeps within us. We want to play and be creative, without it being for a professional or other purpose. Just for fun!

Who says child, on the other hand, also says emotionality and temper tantrums! So now is not the time to start a debate with a partner.

The Moon in Virgo

Like Virgos, we feel motivated to be organized and in our business when the moon is there. It’s the kind of day when we create lists and finally write in the planner we bought at the beginning of the year.

It’s also a time when we want to take control of our health, so a good time for a little run or yoga.

The Moon in Libra

When the Moon is in Libra, we feel a motivation similar to that of Virgo, but it is more in our decor than our tasks. We want to clean our room so that it is beautiful rather than organized.

It’s also a time when you feel diplomatic and when it’s ideal to try to settle a conflict with a loved one, or give advice to someone who needs it.

The Moon in Scorpio

Passion is at the rendezvous when the moon is in Scorpio, whether it is a physical passion, creative, or otherwise. It is also an emotional time, conducive to introspection and changing bad habits.

It’s also a sexy time, so expect the flame to burn very intensely during these few days!

The Moon in Sagittarius

One feels particularly optimistic when the moon is in Sagittarius. We are generally more motivated and spontaneous, so this is not necessarily the time to make a decision that will impact your lives in the long term!

Sagittarius is ruled by lucky planet Jupiter, so it’s a good time to take risks.

The Moon in Capricorn

The energy is practically opposite to that of Sagittarius when the moon is in Capricorn. Instead of wanting to be spontaneous, you suddenly realize the importance of planning and hard work.

It can be a bit of a depressing time when you’re just working, but eventually you’re grateful for what you’ve accomplished in that time.

The Moon in Aquarius

We think more when the moon is in Aquarius, and we rationalize our decisions with our head rather than our heart. It opens us up to try new things and be more creative, so it’s the perfect time for a “brainstorm” for example!

However, it can be a time when it’s more difficult to follow a schedule, so don’t lose focus!

The Moon in Pisces

We are in the moon when the moon is in Pisces! We get lost in our dreams and fantasies and that gives a lot of creative energy. This is more the time to draw than to undertake a project that will require concentration and hard work.

Astrology signs

Leo astrology

He is the most loyal sign and the natives represent the animal very well. Thus, the Leo likes to be admired, so he tends to show off so that those around him look at him. The natives attract sympathy, because they are generous, but also dominating. They have difficulty hiding their anger when they don’t get what they want. Although they can be bossy, they are not mean, but they can sulk in their corner.

The natives of Leo generally work in areas that require responsibility. They therefore have difficulty following orders, as they see themselves more as a leader.

In terms of health , the Leo is robust and does not suffer from any particular illnesses. He keeps in shape by practicing a sporting activity.

The natives of this sign are faithful in relationship and they like to show off. However, when he is disappointed in a romantic relationship, he is likely to lose confidence.

Gemini astrology

This sign is synonymous with restlessness and instability, but the natives are playful and intelligent. Gemini ‘s duality influences their reactions since they tend to multi-task. Geminis are endowed with a great intellectual capacity and they are very manual. However, routine is destructive for this astrological sign, so natives are constantly looking for something new. In some situations, they can show exaggeration, but they easily respect democracy.

As they love communication and are endowed with a certain intelligence, Geminis are formidable businessmen. They can also be artists or evolve in other professions related to manual work.

The natives of this sign prove to be fragile at the level of the nervous system and the lungs. They therefore need long periods of rest.

In a relationship, Gemini are sometimes unfaithful, they like fairly short relationships, because they don’t take them seriously.

Aries astrology

Aries is the first sign of the horoscope. It is therefore synonymous with beginning and renewal. Natives are generally impulsive, spontaneous, energetic and sometimes violent. Reflection is not his strong point since he tends to rush headlong. The natives of Aries are also discreet, enthusiastic, courageous, creative and generous. The defects of this sign refer to impatience. He is also an extremist, because with him it is either yes or no, there is no middle ground.

Aries enjoys movement, so he wants to be the leader, and in work he enjoys competition.

The natives sometimes suffer from migraines and ophthalmological disorders. They are still enduring, because they do not appreciate the routine.

Thus, in love, he likes dynamism and Aries is generally happy in this area.

Taurus astrology

As this astrological sign comes in spring, Taurus is calm, serene and at peace with those around him. The natives appreciate nature, they are traditionalists, conservatives, epicureans and they have a green thumb. They are generous, but lack of discernment is usually this sign’s greatest flaw. Taurus has well-established habits and does not accept upheavals. He adores beauty, objects and he is aware of the importance of money. Natives therefore tend to be real accountants.

In work, Taureans are persevering, they appreciate the effort and are therefore able to meet any challenge.

Thyroid disorders and angina are the main health problems . Subject to rheumatism, Taurus does not like sports. He must therefore watch his weight, especially since he appreciates gastronomy.

In love, the natives are stable, faithful and sensual. They easily express their desires and they need a solid romantic relationship.

Cancer astrology

Cancer is sensitive, loyal and likes to protect those around him. Natives tend to fear insecurity, so they appreciate tranquility and they are attentive to the well-being of their partners. Cancer can be sensitive, so they tend to avoid arguments. Some natives can thus be considered cowards.

At the work level, they appreciate communion and they have difficulty evolving in a world that is sometimes harsh and realistic. If they fail to thrive in their profession, their performance tends to drop.

This sign generally suffers from digestive disorders which are linked to their emotionality. So when he is upset, it affects his stomach. Cancer is also nervous and anxious.

The natives are ready for anything in love, but they are sometimes stifling, dominating and demanding. In case of disputes, it is very difficult to reconcile with a native of Cancer.

Virgo astrology

Prudence and reason characterize Virgos . The natives of this sign are therefore keen observers and they are very methodical. They hate the unexpected and they are able to invest themselves fully in a task for those around them. However, this desire to help others can be detrimental to their well-being. The natives can let themselves be trampled, because they lack self-confidence, but they are modest and honest. Sometimes the natives of Virgo seem quite cold, but this actually hides great shyness. They don’t appreciate criticism and they don’t show open-mindedness.

Virgo likes a sense of order and in work, so she is able to undertake all the tasks, even the most difficult, which she accomplishes with honesty.

In terms of health, they can invent diseases, but they generally suffer from digestive disorders because of their anxiety.

In love, marriage brings the security and stability that natives seek. During an argument, Virgos will tend to put the blame on the spouse.

Libra astrology

Libras value balance and social harmony. They tend to run away from conflict, but they take on the role of mediator quite easily. Among the qualities of Libra , it is possible to cite, tenderness, sociability, charm, generosity or even devotion. Communication is essential and they can become formidable manipulators. In an attempt to be accepted by society, natives are able to go beyond the limits set by law. They are refined, elegant and they sometimes seem superficial because of their taste for luxury.

Thanks to their communication skills, they are excellent in the business world. They also enjoy music and art. To evacuate the tensions, the natives tend to practice a sports activity.

They can compensate for the lack of love with food, which sometimes leads to significant weight gain. Libra can suffer from respiratory, hormonal, blood circulation and kidney problems.

The natives do not like loneliness. They are ready to invest in a romantic relationship in which they do not flourish, because they fear celibacy.

Scorpio astrology

Scorpios are idealistic, direct, loyal and overflowing with feelings. They can sacrifice themselves for others, especially when they believe that the cause is just. Scorpio shows courage, firmness, but this sign is also synonymous with conflicts and fantasies. His character is therefore whole and the natives can be wicked because of extreme jealousy. They have difficulty hiding their aggression, but they are generally generous and sympathetic.

In the world of work, Scorpio adapts very easily to all situations. They excel all the same in the field of psychology.

As they are sometimes very nervous, they suffer from digestive disorders. Men have a fragile prostate and women experience hormonal problems.

Scorpio is faithful and appreciates marriage. Since he is jealous, he will not admit that his spouse is unfaithful. In this case, he will not hesitate to leave the home without ever returning.

Sagittarius astrology

Freedom and wisdom are the main characteristics of this astrological sign. Sagittarius is bold, generous and sometimes impatient. Natives adapt easily to all situations and they have ambitions. Frankness is one of the great qualities of this sign, since Sagittarius does not hesitate to share his point of view even if it is sometimes hurtful. He is optimistic, but when he compares himself to others, he can show dissatisfaction. The natives do not accept criticism, and they are sometimes proud.

Social contact is their strong point, so Sagittarius excels in all professions.

Weight is also his main problem, as he does not pay attention to his diet. So he has problems with his bones, spinal cord and brain.

The natives of this sign do not like loneliness, but they are wary of marriage. However, the breakup will be inevitable when the marital situation becomes critical. He can easily get rid of his past to start a new life.

Capricorn astrology

Capricorn is arguably the most reasonable sign and knows no anger. Natives are calm and tend to avoid arguments. They are devoted to others and those around them can easily count on them. Capricorn is sincere, reliable and honest. However, he hates deception and he can be miserly. The natives sometimes appear hard and cold, because they do not expose their problems.

In work, they hate the unexpected and uncertainty, because they are adept at organization.

Capricorn is quite fragile emotionally and physically. He is prone to depression and joint problems, but he has some difficulty following the treatment prescribed by a health professional.

The natives of this sign are perfectionists, selective and introverted, so this can cause them some problems in love. They struggle to find a soul mate, but when they are in a relationship, they are faithful and stable.

Aquarius astrology

Aquarius represents dreams and hope.Les natifs du Verseau sont généralement des personnes intelligentes, idéalistes, généreuses et parfois introverties. En apparence, ils peuvent paraître assez froids, mais ils cherchent pourtant la communication. La principale qualité du Verseau correspond à sa capacité intellectuelle très importante. Toutefois, les natifs peuvent être coléreux et ils sont facilement irritables. Le Verseau peut parfois frôler l’incorrection, car il est intolérant et prend des décisions trop rapidement.

This can therefore have repercussions in his work.

For health, he usually suffers from urinary, hormonal and blood circulation disorders. Breathing difficulties are also seen in some natives of Aquarius.

Finally, aquarius likes freedom, so they do not appreciate marriage. They prefer free union, but the situation can change when a child is present. Aquarius does not confide easily in love and the spouse will have to ensure that routine does not set in.

Pisces astrology

Pisces, the last sign of the horoscope, has different characteristics related to this position. It represents rebirth, reincarnation and eternity. Generally, the natives are selfless, loyal and above all generous. His greatest quality concerns his ability to listen, and since he is very tolerant, Pisces tends to sacrifice himself for those around him. He adapts to all situations and respects those close to him. However, natives can be shy, proud and pessimistic. Pisces ‘ biggest flaw is their lack of confidence.

In the work, he turns out to be excellent and the colleagues appreciate his collaboration.

In terms of health, this sign is often synonymous with rheumatism (feet and ankles). As he indulges in melancholy, he may be prone to depression.

The Pisces is looking for the ideal in a relationship and he is ready to get married as soon as he has found a soul mate. However, he can be disappointed when reality does not correspond to his dreams.

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