March 27, 2023

Do you want to put music in Instagram stories but you don’t know how to do it? Here’s where to find songs and how to add them with and without lyrics on iPhone and Android smartphones.

The Instagram function to add music to stories has been available in Italy since 2018 for iPhones and Android smartphones, and over the years it has been updated with the addition of new customization options.

Today, those who want to put music in Instagram stories can use the Music sticker, which also allows you to insert song lyrics, can be edited and hidden, or can do it through external apps such as Apple Music, Spotify or Shazam.

If you want to know how to add music to Instagram Stories, you just have to keep reading. In this guide we cover all the methods to add music on Instagram, we explain how to solve some of the most common problems you may encounter along the way.

Why don’t I have the music button on Instagram? How do I save stories with music? Can the audio be heard even if I make history with headphones? If you’ve asked yourself one or more of these questions, you’ve come to the right place: below everything you need to know about adding music to Instagram Stories, from how it works to the problems solved.

How to add music on instagram stories with the sticker

Adding background music to stories is very simple thanks to the appropriate button.

  • Make history
  • Tap the sticker icon in the top right
  • Click on Music
  • Search for music by typing title or singer in the search bar or choose it from the For You, Browse and Saved Music list.

Found the desired song, we can listen to the preview by pressing the play icon on the right, and add it by tapping. At this point on our history, at the bottom, the music track will appear from which we can select the desired part of the song. By default the player plays the chorus of the song, but by scrolling left or right you can select any part of the song to add. We will also choose the duration, which ranges from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 15 seconds.

Once the song has been chosen, this will appear as a sticker on the Story: it will show the title of the song and the name of the artist, or the cover of the single, and can be reduced and moved where we prefer.

You cannot insert music before making a story, unless you decide to make a Reel, which is a short video lasting from 15 to 60 seconds, with effects, filters, music and other creative tools that can also be shared as a story. In this case, from the IG Story screen, below, you have to scroll from right to left and switch from Story to Reel. From here you can proceed by clicking on the musical note icon that appears on the left.

Music with lyrics in the Stories

Now that we’ve seen how Stories are made with music, it’s time to figure out how to add the lyrics to the song. To insert the lyrics of the songs in the Instagram Stories you have to:

  • Make the Story and press the Music sticker
  • Choose the song to add
  • If the chosen song supports the text, this will automatically appear on the screen
  • The words appear in sync with the background music

We can change the lyrics of the song by changing color (by pressing on the rainbow dot at the top), font and style (by pressing on the Aa icons).

Music Instagram Stories: problems and solutions

Although the function has been available for some time, there are still those who are unable to put music on their stories because the sticker is missing. The reason may lie in the version of the application installed. The music sticker was released from version no. 51 of Instagram, so you should check which version you have installed on your phone and possibly update the app.

If after the update you still don’t have the music sticker, you can try to delete the Instagram cache. Go to the settings menu to the application list, select Instagram and click on Delete data cache.

If you decide to insert a background song in your story, know that the post cannot be saved as usual, so you will not be able to put it aside to publish it at another time but only when it is ready for sharing.

Another limitation of the function is the absence of many songs in the list offered by Instagram, which puts the user in front of a choice. Either give up entering that precise song that you can’t find on Instagram, or opt for an alternative method.

There are several tricks to get around the obstacle and add music to the Stories. Below we show you some of them.

From Spotify or YouTube Music Premium

I don’t know if you already know, but when you record a video to upload as a story you can capture sounds and voices coming from the device. When you open Instagram, in fact, the song played by the smartphone is not interrupted and you can open the camera or scroll the feed while a song is playing on Spotify, Google Music, the app of your favorite radio, etc … YouTube is an exception, as you cannot listen in the background while you are doing anything else unless you have subscribed to YouTube Music Premium. Only with YouTube Music Premium, therefore, can you add music to Instagram stories from YouTube.

The next time you want to have a song as the background of your Instagram story, just open the music player, play the song, open Instagram and start recording. To learn more read also How to add music to Instagram Stories from Spotify.

Music in Instagram Stories: alternative method

Here is the first method to insert music into your Instagram Stories if you have an iPhone:

  • Open your favorite music app and select the song you want to use
  • Queue the section of the song you want to play in the video using the time bar and press pause
  • Open Instagram and tap the camera icon on the top left to make a story
  • Open the Control Center by tapping from the bottom up, then swipe left to open the music preferences and then tap Play
  • Quickly close the Control Center and start the registration within Instagram
  • Tap the (+) icon to add the video to your story.

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